Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wondercon Saturday Wrap-Up

Started the day off right with Felicia Day's panel on her new book, career and geek & sundry. Felecia was lovely and accommodating as always to fans. The panel was nearly entirely a Q & A and there were many shaky voices asking everything from entrepreneurship to on set shenanigans.

And she really has from her own channel "Geek & Sundry" to writing, acting and gaming this girl is really pretty inspiring. Speaking personally I find her awkwardness endearing.

After that I wandered around the exhibit hall and took pictures of my favorite costumes. Actually I took a bunch of pictures... and kept doing that pretty much all day. In case no one has ever told you, Saturdays at conventions are when the crazy costumes come out to play. Saturdays are also the days when the whole convention goes super-saiyan. Everything is turned up to eleven from promotions to panels, tournaments to television premieres. Saturday is so full of events I often find myself becoming ambivalent to all of it... my sense of wonder napping on the job. That being said I love Saturday - but at the end of the day it's a blur.

I saw a short part of the amazing 30 min San Andreas panel from Warner Bros. Then I hung out with  few dozen more cosplayers...

After that I played the waiting game to get into BBC America's Orphan Black Panel, which entailed seeing the Falling Skies season 5 trailer. I know next to nothing about Falling Skies... but I will say the trailer looks amazing. I should really get to watching this show.

Orphan Black brought nearly its entire main cast to Wondercon and they did not disappoint. They brought numerous clips, swag and some truly fantastic conversation. Unfortunately I can't say much more than the tweet below to keep away the spoilers, but needless to say season 3 looks to be killer... and I can't wait.

For the last panel of the day I listened in on a discussion of LGBTQ and Disney. It was the opinion of the panelists that the LGBTQ community is drawn to Disney for quality, inclusiveness,  and characters who are accepted for who they are after struggling to find their place in the world. The panel also discussed the not so friendly habit Disney movies have of presenting queer characters as villains. Hades, Jafar, Captain Hook & Smee, LaFou, Scar, Ursula... all were mentioned here... which I can entertain.Other concepts were a bit looser to reason, but it was a fantastic panel over all.

Well guys that's it for tonight. I'm beat. Make sure to check back tomorrow for a wrap up of Sunday (day 3) of Wondercon, Anaheim.

Rose Marie Fox lives in Los Angeles with her pet rabbit/monster. Her favorite holiday is Comic-Con.

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