Thursday, April 30, 2015

iZombie ep 7: Maternity Liv - This week, Liv is Tiger mom!

First off, I'd like to clear up something. In the pilot episode, the Lieutenant was sitting at a desk with a nameplate that said "C. Abe" so I had assumed that his name was Lieutenant Abe. He was never addressed by name until this episode - unless I missed it before, and I've been referring to him as Lieutenant Abe in my past recaps. So I'd like to correct that and apologize for the confusion. Going forward I will be referring to the character correctly.

Liv gets maternal this week, when she eats the brain of a pregnant teen. This makes for some interesting and funny interactions between her and the people around her - she starts mothering everyone. Ravi is understanding but weirded out by it, Evan is annoyed by it, her mother is taken aback and even Liv is embarrassed by her actions. Later, things seem to get strange with Lowell, and Liv doesn't understand right away. Major seems to be going a bit too far by taking things into his own hands with the search for the Candyman, and that spells trouble for Clive. Evan is told to get a job, so he starts looking.

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A bunch of teens are camping in the woods, sitting around a campfire and drinking. A pregnant girl stumbles into the campsite, and one of the boys recognizes her as she collapses on the ground near the campsite. "Oh my god - do you know who this is?! It's Emily Sparrow..."

There is a press briefing at the precinct. Lt. Suzuki says that Emily Sparrow passed away earlier that morning, but her baby survived. He wants to assure the public that they are putting every resource available into this investigation, to bring her killer to justice. One of the reporters says, "many assumed that her boyfriend Dylan Munsen killed her when he found out she was pregnant with his kid. Does this new information exonerate him?" 

"We're not ruling anything out," responds Lt. Suzuki. "Our task forces will exhaust all resources to find out what happened." Another reporter asks why they are spending so much in the way of resources to catch her killer, but won't put any more resources into finding the missing kids from the skate park. "Missing Persons is looking into that case. This briefing is about Emily Sparrow," Suzuki says as he cuts the briefing off. Clive looks perturbed as the reporters leave.

At the morgue, Emily's parents have arrived to claim the body. Ravi somberly assures them that they will treat their daughter with the utmost respect. Clive approaches and expresses condolences for his loss, then introduces himself. He gives them his card, telling them to call him if there's anything they feel he needs to know. Emily's father is understandably angry. "Dylan Munsen is responsible for this. That's everything you need to know," he says with an edge in his voice.

Liv tells Clive, "He seems pretty certain." "He's not the only one," says Clive. "Everyone liked the boyfriend for this - we're just going to have to find evidence on Emily for him or anyone else. Homicide's got nothin'," he states as he walks away.

Liv has a bite of her ramen/brain lunch as she talks on the phone with someone about a broken ID card reader. "It's been months! I've seen florists with better security!" She finishes the call, and tells Ravi that they're sending someone. "Ten calls... ten versions of why does a morgue need security, it's not like the dead are just gonna walk away," she says, frustrated. Ravi asks, "did you explain that it's not so much the dead walking away, it's the undead walking back in?" She tells him that she doesn't want Blaine coming back unannounced either. "But whatever he's doing at nine Shoals, our saving grace is that he still needs you looking for a cure. For all the advantages that zombie-ism gives him, nothing is worth an eternity of eating brains - trust me."

Ravi changes the subject back to the body of Emily Sparrow. Citing her severely sprained ankle, he says that she couldn't have traveled far to reach the campsite. Liv asks him if he's heard anything about the baby. Ravi says he's quite healthy, and continues cataloging the girl's injuries out loud. Liv wonders what they're feeding him. She asks how long the baby is going to be in the N.I.C.U. (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.) "Until Dylan Munsen takes custody," replies Ravi.

Ravi redirects the conversation back to the autopsy. He makes the observation that there's not much to go on aside from the injuries that were probably sustained from traveling through the forest at night, and a stomach full of water. He something about about getting intestinal samples as Liv reaches over to "mommy-fix" his hair. He gives her a funny look. "Though not remotely sexual, that's got to be some form of harassment!" She warns him about the scalpel he's holding. "Watch your fingers, that scalpel's sharp!" Ravi makes the observation that the effects of Emily's brain are taking hold, "specifically the fierce maternal instinct that kicks in just prior to giving birth!"

Liv fixes his hair again. "Why don't we call it a day," he says. "Unless you have the urge to make me lunch or do my laundry." "You wish," Liv says with a snicker that changes to concern. "Have you really not eaten lunch?" "Please let this conversation end with you cutting the crusts off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich," he says jovially. "That's not funny," she tells him. "Are you really hungry, though? Seriously?" He gives her a look and a nod. "I think I'm done for the day," she says. "But you really should eat something, possibly with vegetables - if you so choose... OK, I'm leaving now..."

Liv's mother Eva finds her at the N.I.C.U. nursery window, watching a baby. Going over, she gives Liv a hug and says that she's surprised to see her there. "Kind of makes you feel like having one of your own, doesn't it?" she says. Liv expresses concern that the nurse hasn't picked him up yet. "He's not crying, but he's awake - he needs to be held," Liv says maternally. 

Eva tells Liv that she'll reschedule a meeting and they can go grab lunch. Liv informs her that they just did the autopsy on the baby's mother. Eva expresses regret and a little bit of dispassion. "I'm sorry... I assumed... You're here for the baby." "I was going to come see you," Liv says. 

"It's fine," says Eva. "Pediatric medicine - now, that's a wonderful application for your talents," she tells Liv hopefully. "Questioning my life choices - a familiar application of yours," responds Liv with a slight note of resentment. "I'm your mother. It's part of the deal. You could for once just listen to me - " Liv gets sucked into a vision.

From Emily's point of view, Liv sees an argument between Emily and her parents. Emily's mother is attempting to hold Emily back. Emily yells, "I'm so sick of listening to you!" She sees Emily's father punching Dylan and throwing him out. "What are you going to do? You can't just lock me in here forever!" Emily yells. "Watch us!" her father yells back. As Liv comes out of the vision, Eva is still trying to convince her to have lunch together. "I mean, M.E.'s still get breaks for lunch, don't they?" "Rain check, mom - I have to go."

Liv talks to Clive about her vision. She tells him that she thinks Emily's parents kept her locked up for eight months to keep her away from Dylan. Clive makes the connection. "So they find out she's pregnant and go off the deep end. That's as plausible as any other theory, but I can't pursue it..." Liv asks why not, and he reminds her that he's part of a task force and assigned to Dylan's interrogation - and he's late.

Liv agrees that they should talk to Dylan. Clive tells her that he can't let her in. "Suzuki's leading. The best I can do is let you watch from the observation room, OK?" "Not really," says Liv firmly. "I've created a monster," quips Clive as he goes into the interrogation room. Yeah, someone beat you to the punch on that," says Liv.

Dylan and Suzuki sit across the table from each other. Dylan makes wisecracks about the last time he was in there. Suzuki says that the last time they were there was eight months ago when Dylan was brought in as a suspect in his girlfriend's murder case. "Yeah, time flies when your life's a living hell," says Dylan. "The Sparrows... the press... you guys did quite a number on me. Hell, I can hardly wait to help you guys out," he says sarcastically. "Is that how you really want to play this?" Suzuki says with a warning look. 

"You ever think of changing the narrative, Dylan?" asks Clive. "What?" Dylan looks at Clive, confused. "Help us out, and we'll do what we can to get you picture in all the papers - but with a new headline: Wrongly Accused Boyfriend Helps Solve Case," says Clive. He tells Dylan that they know he flipped out at that party when he found out Emily was pregnant with his kid, and that she left upset and was never seen again. "Until yesterday. Tell us something we don't know." 

As Liv watches, Clive continues. "Your friends say you were always fighting with Emily." "Yes, we fought," says Dylan calmly. "It was one of the two things we were good at." He continues, saying that Emily said she was going to hitchhike home. When he calmed down, he went after her but she had already flagged down a ride. He describes the vehicle that picked her up as a big black pick-up with a camper on the back. He says he heard barking - "like a pack of dogs, going crazy."

Suzuki questions this. "Barking?" "Yeah... Look, I didn't mention this before because it sounds dumb. It doesn't make any sense," Dylan says. "And everyone already thought that I was lying anyway but when people started saying that she was murdered, I thought... What if they were barking at blood... like a fresh kill..." 

Suzuki tells him it would have been nice to know about this eight months ago. "Yeah, the 'dingoes ate my girlfriend' alibi... that would've changed everything, right? But the 'wrongly accused boyfriend' thing - that, I like. You know what's really gonna dial up the sympathy? When I get the baby." On the other side of the glass, Liv gets worried.

In the hall, Liv is waiting impatiently for Clive. "So that smug little punk gets to walk away with Emily's baby?!" Clive tells her she needs to cool it. "Not only did he not say anything to implicate himself, he actually gave us a new piece of evidence." Liv is upset. "About some yapping dogs! I wouldn't be surprised if they were barking because he kicked them. He's not really getting custody, is he?" "He is the father," Clive reminds her. "He's the guy that got her pregnant. There's a difference," she says as she walks away in a huff.

Clive gets a call at his desk from Major, who tells him that he wants to talk about Eddie and Jerome and the missing kids. "I'm working with - " Clive interrupts him, telling him that with the Sparrow case ongoing, his hands are tied. "Nobody from Homicide or the Mayor's office wants to see a bunch of names go up on the unsolved murders board." 

A woman's voice comes on the line. She asks if Clive is saying that "the Seattle P.D. serves their own interests ahead of the citizens they're meant to protect?"  Major has his cell on speaker. He tells Clive that he's working with Rebecca Hinton from the Seattle Observer who is working on the story about the missing kids from Nine Shoals. Clive angrily slams the phone down. Rebecca tells major, "It looks like if we want to find the Candyman, we'll have to do it ourselves."

In the morgue, Ravi is missing a rat. "Liv, you're rocking a rat!" "I'm one step away from naming it and making it a grilled cheese," she says with a smile. Ravi reminds her that he was trying to finish this up before Lowell gets there. "Did I mention that I had to tell Major about him?" Liv is okay with that. Lowell walks in, and she hands the rat back to Ravi.

Liv re-introduces Ravi to Lowell. When Lowell extends his hand, Ravi can't shake it because he's got rats in both hands. He explains about rats being one of the only species along with humans and primates that are meta-cognizant. Lowell then explains to Liv that meta-cognition is the awareness of your ability to think. "Musicians have it too," he points out.

To Ravi, he says, "Nice to meet you and be aware of it." "Likewise," says Ravi. He asks Lowell if he's from London. "Camden," says Lowell. They go back and forth about other districts and soccer teams and Liv wonders why she has a sudden urge to dump tea into a harbor. "What's she talking about?" Lowell asks Ravi. "Colonist propaganda - pay her no mind. We have zombie tests to conduct."

While Ravi is drawing his blood, Lowell asks in scientific terms about some of the tests Ravi is doing with regard to finding a cure. "What the hell am I talking about?" "I thought you were a musician," asks Ravi, momentarily confused. "One with a keen scientific mind," interjects Liv. "In his stomach," she adds as she points to the brain shake in Lowell's grasp.

Everyone understands then, and Lowell continues with his line of scientific questions. Ravi explains his hypothesis involving a bad batch of Utopium and an ingredient - likely unlisted -  in the MaxRager drink. Lowell asks if he's testing it on the rats. "Which one's the control?" Ravi shows him the rats, explaining the variables and the data collection methods.

"Well, I should get back to the studio," Lowell says as he starts to leave. Liv reminds him that they're getting together later to watch a movie. She kisses him but he isn't feeling it. "Awesomesauce," he says as he gives her a light slug on the shoulder. "I'll see you later." Liv is a bit put off as he leaves. She turns to Ravi. "Awesomesauce and a buddy-punch? Is that my imagination or did I just get friend-zoned?"

"I'm sorry - was that not rhetorical?" says Ravi. "The last time we kissed, there were sparks - " Liv babbles, concerned. "Like, wearing a welder's helmet sparks. Did that kiss seem sparky to you?" "Oh, I should have been observing the kiss... had I known," says Ravi with a shrug. "Things were so great with us," Liv rambles on. "Like, buy new underwear great, and now I just feel like a crazy person because what if that's not where we're at, right? That was mixed signals - "

Ravi cuts her off. "Could we just talk about you being a zombie... brain eating... being undead? These are things you can discuss at length with me, but I can't give you the... girlfriend experience." "I don't think that means what you think it means," says Liv with a smirk.

Clive walks in with a newspaper in his hand and a scowl on his face. "What's wrong? asks Liv. Clive reads from the paper - his words on the phone to Major, quoted in a story in the Observer by reporter Rebecca Hinton. Liv remarks that it's accurate, but she didn't think he'd go on record. "I didn't - your ex screwed me," he says as he hands her the newspaper. "I'm a pariah upstairs - I've been demoted to paper detail."

Liv looks at the newspaper. The headline for the story is "Seattle Police Ignore Spike in Missing Kids," with a block quote from Major - "No one in the Seattle P.D. is paying attention to these kids. I guess they consider them disposable." Liv looks at Clive. Irritated, Clive tells Liv "thanks for making the introduction," as he leaves.

Liv enters the N.I.C.U. In a voice-over, she tells us that Emily's brain keeps pulling her back there - "I know he's not my baby, but it feels like he's mine." She sees Emily's parents at the window, watching their grandson. "As much as they might wish it, he's not the Sparrow's either." She leaves before she's seen. Still in voice-over, she remarks what a pain in the ass it is being a mom - all this worrying, all for a child who probably won't appreciate it.

Going into her mom's office, she finds Evan there too. "Well, hello, stranger! You look so handsome," she says as she greets her brother with a hug. He gives her a strange look. Liv hugs her mom fiercely, and her mom also reacts with a confused look. "Please tell me you're not here for gas money too... Someone needs to get a part-time job," Eva says. Evan says he has to get from A to B, and asks Liv to remind their mom that she never had to get a job. Eva asks Liv to remind her brother that Liv had a 4.0 GPA her entire career and someone needs to get from B to A.

Liv tells Evan that their mom is right. "A part-time job might do you some good... teach you some valuable lessons about responsibility," says Liv in a mom voice. Eva is surprised to hear Liv talking like that. Evan says, "You're on her side? Is this a bit?" "When I was your age, we knew the value of hard work," says Liv. "Yeah, back in the hard-scrabble year of aught-four, all those CD-ROMS that needed burning..." argues Evan. "We just want what's best for you," Liv patronizes.

"You win!" Evan exclaims. Eva hands him some job applications - the one for the Meat Cute shop is on top. "When you deliver them," Liv says, "would you at least wear a shirt that has seen an iron?" She licks her thumb and reaches up to smooth out Evan's hair. He pulls back and she realizes that she's being mom-weird again.

At the precinct, Clive is at his desk going over a mountain of paperwork. Flynn comes by to drop another stack of files on his desk, and gives him crap about the story in the paper that he was quoted in. Flynn drops the files on the desk, and they slide off. As Flynn leaves, Clive retrieves the files from the floor. One stands out - a file for Sparrow Song.

Liv and Clive are going to investigate Sparrow Song - a property set up as a tax shelter by the Sparrows a long time ago. "Someone should have seen this by now," Liv says. "If it turns out that Emily was here all along, the press will have a field day with this." "No comment," says Clive. "Just practicing. The lieutenant's making me write it a hundred times on the chalkboard, like Bart Simpson."

"I know you're upset, but Major never would have sold you out intentionally," says Liv. "Maybe. You'd be surprised what people will do when they're at the end of their rope," Clive responds as he knocks on the door of a cottage. When there's no answer after several knocks, Clive tells Liv to look inside and see if it triggers anything. Liv recognizes the interior from her vision - "that's where I saw Emily fighting with her parents, but I'm not getting anything from out here." Clive tells her that they can't go inside without an invitation or probable cause.

They hear a loud banging noise, and Liv asks if that counts. They go to investigate it, and it turns out to be in a basement workshop with an open stairway access. "Just the water heater," says Clive. "But we're down here already..." Liv turns on a light, and they see an ornately hand-carved wooden rocking cradle. "You don't get this at IKEA," she comments. "And it didn't get made last week - this took months," observes Clive. "Like... eight months?" Liv asks. They hear dogs barking, and they move to the stairs. The door is shut from the top of the stairs, and they are stuck in the basement.

While the dogs bark at the top of the stairs, Clive draws his gun. Liv gets a vision of Emily looking out a vehicle window, at a man lighting a cigarette. As she comes out of that vision, Clive's cell phone rings. It's Mr. Sparrow, telling him that someone's broken into their storm cellar and he has them trapped inside. "Yeah - about that... funny story..."

In the house, Mr. Sparrow asks why they are there. Clive tells them that his lieutenant asked him to investigate properties within a ten mile radius of the crime scene, and that they found the records for this property owned by Sparrow Song. "I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't investigate." Sparrow tells him they are welcome to look around, they have nothing to hide.

While Liv looks at the pictures on the wall, Clive asks about the cradle. Mr. Sparrow tells him that he started on it two weeks after Emily went missing. Call it denial, call it hope... It was pointless - Dylan would never have given up custody. He wouldn't even have let us visit. We're not even going to get to hold our grandson." Liv notices the penciled growth chart on the wall, and remarks that her house had a wall like that when she was growing up.

Mrs. Sparrow says that every parent thinks their child is special. She describes Emily as being smart, funny, respectful, and a total tomboy until she was 15 or 16 years old. "Then she met Dylan., She started skipping school, partying... booze, drugs... We didn't react very well."

As they leave the Sparrow's, Clive says that he got a very clear we-didn't-kidnap-our-own-kid vibe from them. Liv tells him about the vision she had earlier in the basement, where Emily was looking out the back of a truck window. "She was surrounded by barking dogs, just like Dylan said - but I think it was an Animal Control truck." Clive says that makes sense, a truck like that seen from a distance would look like it had a camper.

Liv tells him, "I saw a man - the driver, I think. but it was from behind, I couldn't see much of his face. Clive sighs. "I have to get back to Paperwork mountain, but I'll have Animal Control bring me their personnel files. They should include their ID photos." "Let's hope they're shot from behind their right ear. At night. Illuminated by the glow of a cigarette."

At the precinct, Clive has started bringing in Animal Control officers for questioning. The first is a female officer. Stirring sugar and creamer into her coffee as Liv and Clive enter, she smiles. "Awww... look at you two! Detectives Ebony and Ivory!" Clive introduces Liv and himself. She introduces herself as Margo Littlefield.

Liv points to a file folder in front of the officer. "Are these the employee records?" Margo slides them over to her. yeah. We heard that this was in regards to the Emily Sparrow case. Is that true?" she asks. "Is one of our officers a suspect?" Clive tells her they're just covering all bases. "Do your drivers take their vehicles home after their shifts?" he asks Margo. "Hm? Oh, yeah... yeah. It's more efficient. you never know when you're gonna get a call in your own back yard."

Clive asks Liv if any of the photos match the "eyewitness' description." Liv says, "No, but remember - she only got a slight profile view of the man." Margo is intrigued. "You guys have an eyewitness? Whoa!" Clive asks her if anyone left or got fired in the last eight months. "Uuuhh... Oh - you don't mean... Ah... I really shouldn't say anything," she says with a nervous chuckle and a sip of her coffee.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist," says Clive. "Well... we did have to let one officer go. Let's just say he took advantage of the uniform to look in ladies' windows." Liv and Clive exchange suspicious glances. "A peeping tom," whispers Margo. Or in this case, a peeping Gerald. Whuff... Gerald Denny."

"If that's your I just solved the case look, it needs work," says Liv to a scowling Clive. "Gerald Denny got busted for trespassing and voyeurism. He's been in prison for the past four months," says Clive. "So unless he's kept Emily captive in his cell, that leaves us back at square one!" he exclaims, exasperated. "I guess that means another all-niter, staring at property deeds."

Liv pulls out a tissue, and goes into mommy mode. "You'll ruin your eyes," she says as she cleans and straightens Clive's tie. "I'd like to talk to your lieutenant... give him a piece of my mind!" Clive waves her off. "Don't do that... Go on... I'm sure there are places that you'd rather be."

At her place, she and Lowell are having a hang out session. Lowell makes a pitcher of spicy Bloody Marys and talks about the difference between watching the movie Zombieland before versus after becoming a zombie. "Before, it was like, WHOO! You go, Woody Harrelson! Take out that zombie! Now, on second viewing, it's like watching Sophie's Choice... who cares about your Twinkies, Tallahassee..." Liv plants a kiss on his lips. He pulls away with a stunned look. He shudders. "Eeechh." Liv is hurt. "I've never gotten an eeechhh before... I once had a guy try to make out with me after I puked up garlic bread, but..."

Lowell sits down. "Alright... Liv, I didn't want to tell you like this but... I'm gay." Liv is shocked. "But not to worry - it's only until I eat my next brain," he says, much to Liv's relief. "Oh, thank god!" she exclaims. "Yeah, I knew something was up, but I didn't really get it until I saw a magazine cover with Idris Elba on it and the phrase 'Big Piece of Yum!' popped into my head. I mean, I'm mildly afraid of heights, but I'm not afraid to climb that mountain."

Liv smiles. "I feel you... so... we're good?" Lowell assures her that they're fine, and he tells her that his plan is to score some "ludicrously straight brain - ASAP. I may take out Wilt Chamberlain." "So now what do we do - get drunk and play 'Do, Dump or Date, boy band edition?" she asks playfully. "Do Harry, dump Zayn, date Liam. Sorry - should I have had to think harder about that?" Liv picks up her drink. "You forgot the 'get drunk' part." They proceed to have a girls' night - drinking, sharing pictures of Liv's family, rock star pics from Lowell's phone, dancing and just having silly fun.

Liv visits the N.I.C.U. again. As she looks at baby Munsen in the incubator, she tells us in a voice-over that no matter what future you imagine for yourself, it won't include motherhood. "And when Dylan Munsen comes to collect his son, it's going to rip your heart out."  As Liv sits in the waiting area in front of the nurse's station, a nurse walks into the nursery with a baby in her arms. This triggers a vision.

From Emily's perspective, she sees two girls looking down at her. They say something about "if she catches you, she'll kill you..." Then Liv sees a broken window from the outside looking in, and Emily falls backwards, away from it.

At the precinct, Liv is telling Clive about her vision. She says, "I saw a man earlier but we should be looking for a woman - a couple." Clive tells her that he found something too. "We know Emily couldn't have walked far, not on that ankle. But what if she had been carried - as in, by a river?"

He lays out a map. "What if she was trying to get to her family's cottage? I traced a rough trajectory - it crosses this river. So I checked properties upriver," he tells her as he grabs a file. "One belongs to this man - Mark Shepherd. Served ninety days a few years back, weapons charges." The file contains a picture of a man with shoulder length hair, and facial hair. "It could be the man I saw. It's still hard to say. Is he a dog catcher?" Liv asks. "Nope," says Clive. "But guess who he's married to?" He pulls out a photo of Animal Control Officer Margo "Littlefield" Munsen.

Major follows the Candyman from the skate park. Rebecca calls Major and tells him that the cops said the Candyman's plates are registered to a shell corporation. Major tells Rebecca that the Candyman is at a tanning salon. She says she can't do much without his name. Major tells her that he'll call her back.

Major gets a tire iron, and breaks in to the Candyman's car. On the front seat, he finds a mallet, and a brown bag containing hair dye and a bottle of hot sauce. He checks the glove box and console for anything with a name. He finds a credit card receipt, signed by Julien Dupont. He notices a bright yellow lunch bag on the floor with some blood on the lid. He goes through it and finds a plastic container. When he opens it, he finds a brain in it.

A Seattle P.D. car pulls up alongside, and runs the siren a couple of seconds. Major quickly zips up the lunch bag and gets out of the car with the crowbar as the officers get out of their vehicle. "Look, officer - I can explain -" The cop tells him to put the weapon down. Major complies, laying the tire iron on the ground. The cop arrests him. While the cop is handcuffing him, Major tells him that the car belongs to the guy who's been dealing drugs to the kids and the Nine Shoals skate park and that those kids have been going missing. The cop starts reading him his rights.

Julien comes out of the tanning salon. and Major tells the cop "that's him! That's Julien Dupont - the Candyman! He's got a human brain in an ice chest right there!" Julien tells the cop that this is his car. The cop tells him to stay back and to keep his hands visible, and turns to investigate the car.

The cop finds the lunch bag, and pulls out the container with the brain. He puts it on the hood of the car and asks Julien what it is. Julien says, "It's a calf's brain. Believe it or not, some people consider it a delicacy. I work at a fancy-schmancy butcher shop, and well... we deliver!"

Julien hands the cop one of his business cards from the Meat Cute, and winks at Major. The cop looks at the card and hands it back to Julien. "Have your insurance contact the precinct for a full report." What?!" says Major. "You're letting him go?!" The cop addresses Major. "As I was saying - you have the right to remain silent. Probably now is a good time to exercise it." Major resists for a moment, and then goes quietly as the cop puts him in the squad car. Julien looks on with a smile.

Liv and Clive are on a stakeout at Shepherd's place. They watch the house while Clive rambles on about how stakeouts require focus and patience. Liv takes the binoculars from him, and points out the Animal Control truck. Clive tells her that the first time he was on a stakeout, he was so bored. "I ate three candy bars and an entire package of mini donuts. FYI, if you're waiting to bust a coke den, it's better if you're not riding a sugar high covered in white powder."

Liv is concerned. "The windows aren't the same as in my vision. This isn't where they're keeping the girls." Clive suggests that maybe they installed new windows after Emily broke out, or maybe the windows are different around back. "Those other girls... Clive, they were petrified. Who knows how the Shepherds reacted when they found out that Emily escaped! They might've taken it out on them."

Liv wants to sneak up and peek in the windows. "What did I say? Patience," Clive tells her. We've been here all of two minutes. We're in this for the long haul. get comfortable. It's gonna be o-" he's interrupted by gunfire coming from inside the house, and the round hits Clive's windshield. He pushes Liv down, and backs the car out of the line of fire, calling for backup on the radio. More shots come from an upstairs window, and Liv pops up to see. Clive pushes her back down, guns the engine, and gets out of there.

Clive's back-up team arrives, and Suzuki gives them instructions to surround the house. "I'll go in first - alone. Do not enter until I give my signal." The team heads to the house and takes their positions. Clive tells Liv to stay put and out of range. "The other girls, Clive!" We'll find them," he reassures her. "Be careful," she says. "Don't worry," he says with a grin. "I do this for a living." He goes to take his position with the team. Liv grabs the binoculars and starts scoping the property. She sees a treehouse with a boarded up window, and recognizes the view. "There you are!"

As Clive and Suzuki take their positions near the Animal Control truck, Margo shoots at them with a rifle from an upstairs window. Suzuki flags the rest of the team to move, and he signals Clive that he's going in. Clive covers Suzuki as he runs for the house.

Meanwhile, Liv gets out of the car and heads across the yard to the tree house. Suzuki and the team assemble on the back staircase of the house, and Suzuki tells them to wait for his signal, then breaks a glass pane to gain entrance to the house. Liv climbs the ladder of the treehouse. Inside the main house, Suzuki comes up behind Margo. Before he can do or say anything, Mark Shepherd comes around a corner and shoots Suzuki from behind. Margo runs upstairs, and Mark hides in another room.

Suzuki crawls to a corner, and sees that he's been gut-shot. He goes into zombie mode, and pulls his handgun. Ripping off the refrigerator door and using it for a shield, he advances on Mark, shooting him as Mark shoots back. Once Mark is down, Suzuki reverts back to normal.

Outside, Liv finds a chained steel door at the top of the treehouse ladder. She bangs on it and rattles the chain in frustration, trying to break it. Margo looks out with her shotgun from her upstairs window vantage point, and shoots Liv in the leg. Liv goes into zombie mode and rips the steel door off the tree house.

While Margo reloads, Suzuki walks in with his handgun pointed at her. "Hands up, behind your head!" Margo puts the rifle down on the ground and complies, turning to face him. He fires several rounds at her, killing her. Inside the tree house, Liv regains control and finds the two girls hiding under the bunk beds. "I'm here with the police. We're here to rescue you."

Back inside the house, the team has entered. they find Suzuki standing facing the window that Margo was shooting from. He holsters his weapon as Clive asks if he's alright. "I'm fine! Where were you? I gave the signal five minutes ago! Doesn't matter - situation's resolved." Suzuki and the rest of the team leave the room, and Clive sees Margo dead on the floor.

As they exit the house, Liv comes walking up with the two girls. Clive asks where she found them. "In the treehouse out back," she answers. Suzuki gives Liv an odd look, while Clive gets blankets for the girls. Flynn makes a crack - "The Lieutenant goes full Eastwood, the Medical Examiner saves the girls. Why'd I even come to work today?"

"You hit?" Suzuki asks Liv. The gunshot in her leg is not bleeding. "No. just jabbed by a branch," Liv says. Suzuki knows it's a lie. "Yeah - not much blood," he tells her. Liv shrugs, and Suzuki looks at her knowingly. With a worried look on her face, Liv turns away to tend to the girls. Suzuki calls for the property to be locked down for evidence.

At the news briefing in his office, Suzuki has Dylan with him. "The resolution of this case would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Dylan Munsen," he says as he claps a hand on Dylan's shoulder. He goes on to tell the press that Margo and Mark Shepherd were deeply disturbed.

"We know from evidence we found at their home that they adhered to a self-created religion, of sorts." Suzuki goes on to explain that the girls were abducted to turn them into sister-wives, and that the remains of at least a dozen missing teenagers were discovered on their property. "Their beliefs also called for human sacrifice." In the press crowd, Rebecca Hinton is listening. She seems interested but skeptical to hear about the remains of the missing teens.

Outside in the main squad room, Clive is telling Liv and Ravi that they're still excavating remains of missing kids out there - you heard Jerome and Eddie were among them?" Liv is upset. "I can't get a hold of Major! What if he finds out on the news -" Ravi interjects. "Emily's escape may have saved countless more lives from the same fate, not just their babies."

Dylan approaches Clive. "A cop who keeps his word - that's like... one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse, isn't it?" "I hope everyone gets to see you for who you really are," responds Clive. "Don't worry about my story getting out. I got an agent. We're negotiating a reality show for me and the kid. A grieving, single father piecing his life back together after the cops, the grandparents, and the press tried to destroy it. That's the pitch. The best part is how much it's gonna piss off the Sparrows," he says with a smirk.

As he turns to leave, an incensed Liv blocks his way. "Who the hell are you?" Dylan asks. "Have you even been to visit your son?" she asks him angrily. "Look, Beetlejuice - I don't remember saying your name three times, so stay the hell outta my business!" he tells her defiantly.

He tries to walk past her but Liv pushes him back. "When you get your baby home and put him in the crib - will you put him face down, or face up? Because one way carries the risk that your son will die in the night - do you know which one? I'm sure your reality show's SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) episode will have killer ratings," she rants. Dylan glares at Liv and Clive, and walks off. "Damn, girl!" Ravi says with a grin. "Git on back wit' yo bad self," adds Clive, also smiling. Liv looks at them in confusion.

Liv visits the N.I.C.U. again. She tells us in a voice-over that Emily's maternal instincts are fading. "I had to see her baby - our baby - one more time." She sees Dylan in the ward cradling his son in his arms, and looks worried for a moment. Then Dylan hands the baby over to Mrs. Sparrow and shakes Mr. Sparrow's hand. He sees Liv when he walks out. "You happy?" he asks as he leaves with a sulk.

In another voice-over, Liv tells us that there's only one man she ever pictured herself having kids with. "But even if Ravi can find a cure for zombie, I've pushed him so far away I doubt we can ever recover."

Major sits in a holding cell alone. A guard lets in three big biker looking dudes, and they all crowd into Major's corner, sitting close together on the benches. "A little thank-you for the Seattle Observer article, Lilywhite!" says the guard on duty.

Liv is having sushi with her mom and brother. In a voice-over, she tells us that she can't get back what she lost, but she still has reasons to go on. Like my family." Eva tells her to take it easy on the wasabi or she'll get heartburn. The voice-over continues. "I've always loved them, of course - but Emily's brain gave me a new perspective. It helped me appreciate my mother more... made me want to be a better big sister to Evan... reminded me to appreciate the love that comes my way, familial and otherwise. As she arrives at work, Liv gets a text from Lowell. "New brains today! Feeling more hetero already." Liv's voice-over continues. "Hopefully fate allows me that. Please, fate... no more surprises."

In Ravi's lab room, there is a small rat huddled on the floor at the door. The cages have all been broken open, and there are dead rats in all of them. In cage B, a huge white rat with red eyes is gnawing on the carcass of one of the dead rats.

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