Friday, April 10, 2015

iZombie Ep 4 "Liv and Let Clive"

This week's episode had some interesting stuff going on... Rose McIver brought her Yellow Ranger moves! Blaine's building a mob empire, and we see a little bit more back story on Clive. Ravi puts the obvious in front of Liv's face, and that makes Liv think about her relationship with Major - into which Ravi has somehow been drawn. We think we know what happened to Eddie. (And when Eddie said he didn't like his teddy, you knew he was a no-good kid... No? Oh, fine.)

My two favorite things about iZombie are the writing and casting. The writing is great! There are little clues dropped in each episode that are relevant to to either the previous or upcoming episodes, which helps preserve the continuity and storyline sequence. The dialogue is both witty and cheesy at times (my favorite things!), but it's also starting to look familiar. That in itself isn't a bad thing necessarily, although I'd really like to see this show stand on it's own rather than lean on comparisons to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

We're already building the Scoobies, we've got the Big Bad. We have the love-interest-at-a-distance (granted, he's not a vampire). We've got the younger sibling who so far hasn't caused any trouble, but wait - is it Tuesday yet? Don't get me wrong. I loved "Buffy," but I love iZombie too - probably for all the same reasons, which is why I really want to see it become something more than another "Buffy" clone.

The casting of major characters is really great, and some of these folks have been around the genre before:
  • Rose McIver (recurring roles in the Herculese/Xena franchises, Tinkerbelle in "Once Upon a Time," "Power Rangers RPM" as Summer Landsdown/Yellow Bear RPM Ranger) is really owning the role of Liv Moore, and she is already my favorite alabaster badass living dead girl. 
  • Rahul Kholi as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti delivers dialogue to great effect, and I would love to see him become more than comic relief - I would love to see more back story on him. So far, all we really know is that he was fired from the CDC because they thought he was a whackjob. Yeah. Bet they regret that now, huh? And if Ravi finds a cure, you can bet your ass they will be calling him back to Atlanta and Rick Grimes will be all over that! 
  • Malcolm Goodwin (guest appearances on "True Blood," "Bones," Elementary," and a regular on "Breakout Kings") as Det. Clive Babineaux is a little more laid back than what I'm used to seeing from other TV show cops, and it's pretty refreshing. To me, he comes off as a a real, normal human guy who happens to be a cop instead of the cop with the attitude. He's not Horacio Kane, and that's a good thing.
  • Robert Buckley is Major Lilywhite, Liv's ex-fiance. Yes. That is his name. Why? I don't know. But I'm sure there is a joke from the writer's room in there somewhere, and I'd love to hear it! I'd also like to see Major become a bigger part of the team, 
  • David Anders  ("Once Upon a Time," "Vampire Diaries," "The Revenant")  is well-cast as Blaine DeBeers (and I'm sure that there's a writer's room joke somewhere in there about this name, too). Hopefully he's not just a single season bad guy. Blaine is already being compared to Spike, which I don't think is really fair. I mean, granted - both Blaine and Spike are undead, and they are both blondes. But that's where the resemblance ends, in my book. Blaine is already so much more than Spike... he's becoming a crime boss, with plans to take over the city - Spike was never so ambitious. I can't wait to see what happens next with Blaine!
  • Aly Michalka (Aly & AJ, "Phil of the Future," "Grown-Ups 2," "Hellcats") is Liv's best friend and roommate Peyton Charles. I really would like to see more back story on her, and how it fits in with Liv's story. They're best friends - Peyton seems to know Liv's family and Major really well. And having someone who works for the DA's office could come in handy for this team.
  • Nick Purcha ("Spooksville," "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour") is Liv's little brother Evan. So far, he's just a recurring character who doesn't seem to really have a purpose yet. I'm sure that there will be ways for him to get into trouble though. Liv won't be able to hide the fact that she's dead from him very much longer. 

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And now - iZombie Episode 4 "Liv and Let Clive!"

Jackie wakes up in bed next to Blaine, who is on his cell phone. He says, "Time to look alive, baby." She asks, "So... last night - is that a service you provide to all your clients?" He looks at her. "What do you think?" She gives a little shrug. "I think I'm paying you 25 grand a month to keep me in brains, so answering your booty call should get me a rebate." "Oh Jackie," Blaine responds. "I made you a zombie, but I would never make you a whore."

Jackie watches with a look of bliss on her face as Blaine gets out of bed. They go through a spa routine - manicures, hair coloring for Jackie, spray-on tans for both of them. While Jackie goes for her morning swim, Blaine throws breakfast in a blender.

Meanwhile, Liv decided to drop in on Major with some coffee and an apology for her sketchy behavior over the past week. She rings the doorbell, and a rude young man comes out, hauling boxes. He's grumbling and just generally not in a good mood. Liv goes inside, and Major comes down the stairs.

He's just getting out of the shower, so is wearing only a towel. They have a little chit-chat about Jesse (the roommate currently in the process of moving out). "Yeah, that's the last time I look for a room mate on Craig'sList. I can't live with someone who starts every sentence with 'yo, trip' and always thinks I'm 'frontin'." Jesse goes past them with a subwoofer, "Jesse always insists on a lot of bass."

 Liv apologizes, saying that it's all her fault - the only reason Major even needs a roommate is because by this time she would have been helping with the expenses. Major dismisses her apology gently. She offers him coffee, which he accepts. He opens the door for her to leave, and she asks him about Eddie, the shelter kid who was missing.  Major tells her that they still haven't heard from him, and now Jerome is missing too.

A girl comes down stairs, and Major greets her. "Oh! You're up!" He introduces Karin to Liv. Liv tries to make small talk but doesn't do so well. She notices the mug that Karin is holding, and the shirt she is wearing, Liv says, "Oh! You went to U-Dub too?" Karin says, "No, I went to Stanford." Things get awkward quickly, and Liv leaves.

Back at the morgue, Ravi and Liv are examining a body while Liv rambles on about all the awkward that went on at Major's house that morning. Liv comments that it wasn't that bad, really. It could have been worse. "I could have cried... I could have thrown up... or I could have grabbed that mug, which was my very favorite morning coffee mug when Major and I were together, and I could have shattered it in a million pieces, like my heart."

"And then forced her to walk barefoot across the shards," adds Ravi as he continues to record notes about the body on the slab. "Exactly!" Liv says. She talks about how if she and Major are to be friends, she has to be able to handle these things... be mature. "And I was." "Well, I'm glad you survived. Sadly, our John Doe here won't be handling much of anything."

The fingers are missing from the dead guy's hands - Liv notes that it was probably done after the guy died, since there was no blood. Ravi shows her that there are also teeth missing. Liv guesses that it was done to make the body more difficult to identify. Ravi tells her that he's seen this type of thing before, "typically with Asian gangland murders - which would also be consistent with his gang tat. He's been a member of the Blue Cobras for five to seven years, based on sub-dermal dispersion of the ink."

Reading from the body's chart, Liv notes the cause of death was from internal bleeding caused by severe trauma. Ravi shows her the bruises on the body. "Based on the pattern of bruising on the abdomen, I'd say he was kicked to death - a 'boot party,' I believe they call it? I'm guessing Clive may want your help on this one. You might wanna take a.. uh... working lunch..." 

Just as Liv is about to cut into the head with the bone saw, Evan walks in. "Holy crap! My sister's about to saw open a dude's skull!" "No, she's not!" Liv exclaims as she turns off the saw and puts it down. Even grins. "This is rad! I've never seen you do the gnarly stuff!" "And you're not about to," says Liv. She hands him a key to her apartment, and they talk about how their mom is freaking out over Evan's grades. "Four A's and two B's? I understand that in some homes, this is considered a pat-on-the-back, frame-the-report card-achievement."

Liv agrees. "This is why I convinced her my apartment's in a dead cell zone. Oh - you picked the perfect time! Peyton's out of town." "Balls..." Evan is disappointed by the news. Liv tells him that Peyton knew he had been in her room the last time he was over. "All I did was try her personal massager. I could never work out the kinks in my shoulders though - maybe I was using it wrong. Whoa - that dude's got no fingers!" Evan says as he looks back at the body on the slab. "Touch her stuff again, and neither will you," Liv warns him as she escorts him to the door.

In a voice-over, Liv shares her thoughts on brain flavor. "What a pleasant surprise it would have been if Chinese brains, or Spanish brains, or Italian brains tasted like the cuisines for which their countries were famous? No such luck..." Clive comes in and Liv quickly hides her bowl under the shroud, next to the body's foot. "I never could understand how you guys can eat down here - I leave my coffee at the bottom step so it doesn't get that... morgue-y smell." Ravi pulls the shroud back from the body, and Clive recognizes the guy. 

"Poor Sammy..." "So you two have met, then?" says Ravi. "Sammy Wong... what's left of him, anyway," answers Clive. Liv asks, "How do you know him?" "Long story," says Clive, rubbing his neck. Liv pushes a lot more. "OK, then... any theories on who did this?" Clive tells Liv to stay out of it. "I can handle this one without your psychic powers." Liv says, "I'd like to help."

Clive tells her again to stay out of it, and she gets a vision. She sees Clive participating in a gang beating, and hears Sammy trying to stop him - "Come on, Clive - I told you, Ray's cool!" Clive asks her what she saw. She tells him she saw nothing. As Clive leaves, Ravi looks at Liv with concern. He suspects she's lying.

"You're telling me, back when Clive worked Vice he had a mustache?" "Facial hair isn't exactly the headline here, Ravi. I saw Clive giving a Rodney King quality beat-down to some guy named Ray, accusing him of snitching!" "Snitching about what?" asks Ravi as they put a body into a drawer. "No idea - but he threatened our fingerless friend, too. Sammy was there. I saw him! No wonder Clive doesn't want my help on this - he's a dirty cop!" 

"Whoa!" Ravi tries to put the brakes on her train of thought. "Liv, slow down! Look - what you saw is unsettling, but let's not jump to conclusions. You know Clive." Liv gets all paranoid, and she starts babbling revelations about Major and Karin. Ravi says, "Liv, listen to yourself - you sound paranoid!" "Oh - so now you're on her side?" Liv accuses. "No," Ravi says. "I'm just saying you seem to have had a change of heart since you ate lunch... or should I say change of head?"

"You are who you eat, right?" He goes on to remind her that she not only gets the visions, she also gets some of their personality traits. "It's possible that Sammy, here, had an anxious, fearful thought process - with bouts of irrationality and delusion." Liv concedes the point. She rationalizes that it's too soon for Karin to move in with Major. "He's too fragile right now - she's his rebound. That's why you should move in with him! Head her off at the pass! He needs a new house mate..."

Ravi tells her, "Uh, I'm not looking to give up my privacy, which I enjoy!" "You'd have your own room and bathroom. How much more 'privacy' do you need?" With a touch of paranoia, she adds, "What sort of perversions are you into?" Ravi tells her, "I also don't want to lock myself into a lease. Ever since the CDC sacked me, week-to-week is how I roll. So to sum it up - satisfied with my current situation, concerned about your paranoia with regards to both Major and Clive." "Duly noted," answers Liv.

Blaine walks into his storefront. He has some espresso and a chat with his shop manager, and goes in back to meet with his two dumber-than-bricks runners. Blaine gives them a list and warns them not to screw it up again. His manager comes in with a plate. "I think your clients will like this!" Blaine takes a bite. "Very nice! Tastes expensive... "

Meanwhile, Liv heads over to the Vice Department to talk to Clive's former partner. "So Sammy's dead! Hey, Marty - did we have a dead pool going on Sammy Wong?" "No, not on that one, Devore," says Marty. Looking back at Liv, Devore says, "No dead pool. Hm. Then my reaction would be.... nyeh?" she says with a shrug.

Liv asks about the case that Clive was working on. Devore tells Liv that she can't help her with that, because the case is ongoing. Liv is surprised to hear that the case is active. Liv asks, "Is there anything more general that you can tell me? I mean, about your experience working with him - what was he like on a professional level? You know... before I go too far down the road with this guy..."

"Well," Devore says, "I can tell you that he was always looking out for Number One... that he got a little too close to his CIs... No one was surprised when he got suspended, and when he left for Homicide, no one was sorry to see him go." Liv asks about the suspension. "Let's just say, the thin blue line can get a lot thinner when you're working in Vice." 

Liv and Ravi are in Chinatown, and as they walk they discuss Clive. Liv wonders why Clive didn't tell them anything about his suspension. "It's such a wonderful conversation starter," snarks Ravi. "You'd think he'd lead with it - then people would immediately start assuming the worst," he says, giving Liv a pointed look.

"I haven't been assuming the worst - I see it and live it in somewhat blurry color, and it looks like Clive's a dirty cop throwing around his muscle. And that guy that he was beating up - that Ray character? His shirt said Hong Kong Video Staff on it..." They stop outside the video store. "This is the place." Pulling out a stick of gum, she tells Ravi to follow her lead. "Should I be concerned that whatever you're about to do requires gum?"

They enter the store, and walk up to the counter. Liv grabs a store card, and crumples it as she sticks it in her pocket. She addresses the clerk sitting behind the counter in her best "dumb bimbo" voice. "Hey there! I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for this guy Ray..."

The guy behind the counter asks how she knows Ray. "I met him at a party, we kind of hooked up or whatever..." Turning to Ravi, she gushes, "Do I sound sooo totally slutty right now?" Ravi looks confused. "Yeah... when don't you sound so totally slutty?" Liv whacks him. "Dude!" she says. Through gritted teeth, Ravi whispers, "You asked..." "Whatever." 

Liv resumes talking to the clerk. "I was cleaning out my bag, and I found this..." She pulls out the crumpled up store card, and hands it to the clerk. "I had this drunken flashback, and I remembered Ray gave it to me, so I thought maybe he worked here." Ravi interjects, "Her life is like the whorey version of Memento." Liv looks at him. "What? If you couldn't look back at the sexts from the night before, we'd never know where you've been or who you've done..."

He tells the clerk, "Here's the deal. My friend Melanie here has a thing for men of the Asian persuasion in a big way. So if you can point her in the direction of this Ray guy, maybe I can get the hell out of here and get the lunch I thought I was getting. because this isn't me eating a tostada, is it?" he finishes, giving Liv a defiant stare. The clerk tells them to wait there and goes into the back room. 

While they wait, Ravi heads into the adult video room. Liv follows. "Your desire for privacy in your living arrangements is starting to come into sharper focus, she says as he peruses the videos. He picks one up. "Oh, look! They actually have the whorey version of Memento!" Liv looks around the room, and the picture of a blue cobra on the wall triggers a vision.

Through Sammy's eyes, she sees a guy being tortured with wasabi to the eyes, and Clive coming in. AJ tells Clive they found the rat. The vision ends. Seeing the fearful look on Liv's face, Ravi asks, "What is it?" She tells him that they need to go. They start to leave, but they are met in the main room of the store by AJ and his crew.

"I hear you're looking for Ray... and that you're into Asian dudes. I'm AJ, and I'm into white girls... really white girls. You just might be my Moby Dick." Liv smiles nervously. "I didn't get your name, he says. "Melodie...?" she says. "Are you sure about that?" he asks. Ravi intervenes. "Please... It's been Melodie... Melanie... she even tried to get me to call her Starfire last year, but I drew a line." AJ asks her how she knows Ray. She tells him she doesn't really know him, that they just met the one time.

"What did you want to see him about?" AJ asks. "We just hit it off," Liv respnds. "Trust me," says Ravi, "you don't want to try and understand her thought process... Just give her Ray's number and say a prayer for your buddy." AJ says it seems weird that a girl like her would have to track guys down for a date. "And why would Ray give you the card for the video store, instead of his cellphone number?" "Maybe I should have taken the hint...This was a bad idea," she says as she grabs Ravi's arm and turns to leave. "Wait, now, I'm sure AJ can hook you up with an e-mail address or..." 

Liv notices AJ's tattoo. "Nice ink. Is that a snake?" "It's a cobra." "A blue cobra... very cool." says Liv. "Much cooler than, say... a puff adder or a common kraite," adds Ravi. "Well, come on - I think you've embarrassed yourself enough for one day," he says to Liv as they start to back out of the store.

They realize that the video store is the Blue Cobra hideout, and that AJ is the leader of the gang. Liv Tells Ravi about the vision she had earlier, and that Clive was in it. She says that it looked like Clive was helping them, and that Ray was AJ's best buddy. Just then, Ravi notices Clive pull up in front of the video store. He tells Liv not to jump to conclusions, that it's perfectly logical that a good cop investigating Sammy's murder would logically come here. "So would a dirty cop reporting to his partners," says Liv. They realize that they've been seen by one of AJ's guys, so they leave.

When Liv gets home, Evan complains about the lack of junk food. She ignores his complaints and goes to the window. Looking out, she calls Evan over to the window. "Does that guy look suspicious to you?" Evan is confused. "uh... now that you mention it... he is taking a really long time by that bush waiting for his dog to pee." "I know, right?" agrees Liv. Evan looks worried. "Have you been taking advantage of our state's liberal marijuana laws?" No," answers Liv, "why? Have you?" "Jeez... paranoid much?" Liv tells Evan to stay off of drugs and out of Peyton's room, and to let her know if he sees anything suspicious going on, and she goes to take a shower.

Meanwhile. Blaine's meatheads are finishing up their run. They aren't happy with the way their boss treats them. They talk about how Blaine has the perfect business model, and the basic attitude is "Screw him." They come up with a plan to start their own enterprise - by poaching Blaine's customers. Dante says that Blaine won't like it. His buddy says "Someone's gotta be losing if someone else is winning - that's just frickin' science." They already have the address lists, and they set off to make their first sale.

When Liv gets out of the shower, Clive is waiting with Evan to talk to her. Liv tells Evan he can hang out in her room. "Ill be in Payton's room.." he says cheerfully as he goes off. Clive asks Liv why she went to talk to his old partner. Liv says she wanted to help. Clive reminds her that he doesn't need her help. Liv says that she thinks he needs someone to watch his back. "I have a feeling Sammy ran with some very bad dudes." "What kind of feeling?" asks Clive. "Have you been having one of your hoodoo film festivals up in there?"

Liv lies to him. "No. I haven't had a single vision." Clive tells her that Sammy Wong was in Federal Witness Protection. Liv makes a comment about the feds not being too good with the protection part, and Clive says, "He was fine for six months in Albuquerque, until his dumb ass had to sneak back here to visit his dying mom." He warns her again to stay out of it, or she will wind up getting hurt.

Back at the morgue, Ravi is surprised when Major shows up. They have an awkward few words, and Ravi tells him that Liv's not there but he can wait if he wants. Major is confused, and says he doesn't need to wait, but he can if Ravi wants him to. "Is... now... not a good time? Do you need to finish up something?" Ravi says,

"This is a very strange conversation - are you here to see Liv?" Major says he thought he was there to talk to Ravi about renting the room. Ravi then realizes that Liv set him up. He rolls with it though, and tells Major about his surround sound system and how it's so hard to enjoy it when there's noisy neighbors. Major is disappointed about the noise thing, since he just got rid of a noisy roommate.

Blaine's meatheads are at Jackie's penthouse. They try to land their first big fish. Making their pitch to her, they say that Blaine charges so much for brains because he can - he's the only game in town. They offer an alternative to the high price, and Jackie pretends to play along. "I'll need to think about this," she says. She tells them she admires their chutzpah. and compliments the intelligence of the idea - she didn't think they could be so smart. The boys look pleased with themselves. "That's 'cause we're jacked. People think we're dumb. But you don't need body fat to have a lot of phat ideas." 

Major is still hanging out with Ravi at the morgue when Liv comes in. They are engaged in a conversation about Diablo 3, and having a good time. "You are gonna lose your mind when you see It on a 4k Ultra High Def tv," says Ravi. "Dude..." "It's basically like having a holodeck." Major asks, "So this holodeck... is it an in your bedroom holodeck, or more like a communal living room holodeck?" Ravi shrugs. "In my room. Unless you like blackout curtains in your living area? I'm not a fan of gaming with glare." "Totally fine with that," says Major.

Liv breaks in to the conversation. "So wait... this is a thing? You two are moving in together?" "He had me at 4k Ultra HD tv," replies Major. After he leaves, Liv tells Ravi about Clive coming to her place and what he said. "He threatened you?" Ravi asks. "Basically, yeah," says Liv. "He seemed very concerned about me having any case-related visions."

Ravi shows Liv what he's found on the Blue Cobras. AJ is Anthony Jin, the son of the former leader of the Cobras. AJ's father was jailed 5 months ago on conspiracy charges. Liv makes the connection between the Blue Cobras and Clive's case, and figures out how Sammy Wong is connected. "If Sammy Wong testified against AJ's father, no wonder he was constantly looking over his shoulder," says Ravi. Liv rationalizes that the guy she saw being tortured in her vision had to have been before Sammy turned State's Witness. 

When he snuck back in from Albuquerque, "who better than a dirty coop to give AJ the heads up?" She still thinks that Clive might be a bad cop, because of what she saw in her visions. Ravi doesn't want to believe that Clive's a bad cop, Liv is concerned that Clive may try to kill them if he finds out what they know. She has a tracking device that she plans on putting on Clive's car, and wants him to be her lookout. 

Ravi tries to talk Liv out of it, and suggests that they sleep on it and develop a plan of action in the morning. Liv goes out and tries to plant the device anyway, but finds that she is being watched by one of the Cobras. She leaves without planting the device. As he runs around a corner, she bumps into a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart and gets knocked to the ground. As people gather around her, someone wearing boots steps closer. This triggers a vision.

She sees AJ's face and boot, and she ears Sammy tell AJ that Ray is a cop. She sees AJ and his crew kill Sammy. Coming out of the vision, she sees Clive get in his car, Getting up from the sidewalk, and goes through what looks almost like a Power Ranger morphing sequence. "I know Kung Fu... I know KUNG FU!"

She jumps in front of Clive's car. Clive stops the car, and Liv tells him that she knows Ray is an undercover cop, and "if he's not already dead the Cobras are going to kill him!" Clive gets out of the car. "What the hell is going on?" Liv tells Clive what she saw and heard in her vision, and Clive gets upset. "Ray's burned? Dammit!" Liv tells him about her other visions, and that she saw him in all of them. He realizes that she had come to the conclusion that he's a dirty cop, and tells her that Ray is his real partner and that he needs to find Ray before the Cobras so.

Clive gets on his phone and calls Devore. Clive tells Liv that they'll deal with this later. He talks to Devore, then tells Liv that Ray is on his way back from Hong Kong with a shipment of Utopium. "The Cobras like to use a small airstrip just outside of Snohomish to avoid customs. It'll be close, but I think we can get there in time."  Liv assumes she is going too, but he tells her to go home.

Back at Blaine's, his runners have returned. Blaine asks them to have a taste of the new dish that's going on the menu. They have a bite, and one of the meatheads asks about the dropcloths. "You gonna do some painting in here?" "In a manner of speaking" says Blaine. "You come up with a name for your new start-up?"

The meatheads look at each other in stunned silence. "I wouldn't give it another thought," says Blaine congenially as he turns and shoots them both in the head. "It's no surprise," he says with a sigh. "Most small businesses fail." Blaine goes into the walk-in freezer, and hauls out another piece of meat. "This is why we buy in bulk. Remember, Julien - I took you out of the freezer, I can put you back in. Loyalty... it's Job One."

At home, Liv has been trying to reach Clive. He finally answers his phone from the scene of the bust. Liv tells him she's been so worried about him and Ray. Clive reassures her that everything is fine. "The Calvary got here just in time." They were able to get the Cobras on weapons charges in addition to the drug charges. Clive tells her that three teeth were found, and he bets that they will be a match for Sammy Wong. 

Liv starts to apologize. "Three times I told you to stay out of it, Liv. On two separate occasions. I just didn't want you to get a look at some of the dark crap that's in my past. Your vision did save Ray's life, I'll give you that." Liv tries to apologize again, but Clive cuts her off. "Look, I can't talk about that right now. The cars were registered in AJ's name, but he wasn't in the welcoming party. We're going over to the video store and arrest him for Sammy's murder."

As she ends the call, Liv hears a noise coming from her bedroom down the hall. She goes to check it out, and gets hauled into the room. AJ has been waiting for her. He throws into a book case, and she hits the floor. "See, the look on your face tells me that maybe you're not really all that into Asian guys... What else you been lyin' about, cop? One of my boys followed you from my store to the police station. How long you and Ray been workin' together, cop?" AJ punches her in the face. 

Grabbing her by the throat, he puts Liv up against the wall - breaking the glass in a picture frame. "You don't need to protect Ray anymore, he's dead. Right now, it's just you and me." "This just in from Snohomish - Ray is safe, and your boys are spread-eagle on the hood of a police cruiser. And here's another shocker..." Liv busts out some pretty fancy zombie fu, and there's a really cool fight scene. (See the image collage above for some of the action!)

When Evan comes home with pizza, AJ hears him and heads for the door. Liv goes into zombie mode, and takes AJ to the floor. As she is beating the everlovin' crap out of AJ, Evan nears the noise. He comes to the door of Liv's room. "Oh my god!" By this time, AJ is beaten into submission on the floor, and Liv puts away her zombie face before turning to Evan. 

Clive and his team come to take AJ away. Clive tells her she's a lot tougher than she looks. As a cop leads him out in cuffs, AJ asks, "What ARE you, lady?" "Just a girl," Liv says. "You got your ass kicked. By a girl. Get over it!" "You're a FREAK!" yells AJ as they haul him out the door. Liv tells Clive, "I don't know how many 'Take Back The Night' seminars they gave at your sorority house, but I could pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card."

Clive asks how she even got on Sammy's radar in the first place. She tells him that she went to the video store and asked a bunch of stupid questions. Clive expresses disbelief that she could even think he would be on the same side with the Cobras. Liv tells him that seeing him in her visions being a completely different person - cold and violent - scared her. 

Ray explained that the suspension was supposed to be the cover story that would enable him to get in with the Cobras. It worked. But he went so deep undercover that when he came out after a year, not even his partner wanted to work with him. That's why he was moved to Homicide - for a fresh start.

Liv promises that if she ever has another vision that involves him, she will go straight to him first. Evan offers Clive pizza - "Pepperoni, or... double jalapeno? That dude was right - she's a freak" Clive declines, and heads for the door. "If you see anyone suspicious who weighs more than fifty pounds, you call me. you won't always land that lucky punch!" "Top secret? it was a kick to the nards," Liv says with a grin.

Moving day arrives, and Liv helps Ravi move in with Major. As she is unpacking some kitchen stuff and putting it away, she sees her old favorite mug in the cupboard. Tossing it in the trash, she notices Ravi watching from the doorway. "Say nothing," she tells him. "About what?" "I'm glad you got over your nerves about signing a lease," Liv says. "Oh... no, there's no lease. Major didn't want one." Liv is surprised at that. "Really? He's usually so... by the book with things like that."

Ravi gives her a funny look. "It's obvious, isn't it? He saw how eager you were to get me in here to block Karin, he thinks you're sending a signal that you're not ready to let him go." "I wasn't sending a signal," Liv say. "You weren't? Hunh... " says Ravi as he leaves the room. Liv considers this.

Over at Blaine's shop, he is on the phone with Jackie. He tells her that he's got something special for her - a "thank-you" for calling him about the meatheads and their "business plan." Blaine promises her something that will make her feel like a teenager again. Julien is at the table, admiring the shoes on a body's feet. The shoes match those that Jerome was wearing. Blaine tells Julien he can have the shoes. 

While Julien is taking the shoes, Blaine notices a cell phone sticking out of Jerome's jeans pocket. He pulls it out, and checks it. There's a text... from Major, asking where he is. Blaine sends a simple response - "It's all good." Then he slams the phone down on the floor. "Time to earn your keep," he says to Julien. "Push it forward!" Julien pushes the body along the table, into the saw blade.

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