Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Personal Update: Weird Situation This Morning

Hey guys, you may have noticed some changes this morning, especially if you took a look at our main site. We don't normally do personal updates here, but this one felt important enough to start to fill you guys in. Last night, at about 10:30pm, a greek food truck parked outside our office door. We were pretty happy about that, to be honest - we don't really have the budget to hire food trucks.

We went down, and they were closed, and so we figured they'd be back in the morning and we all went home.

When we got back in the morning, the office was locked tight, and this was nailed to our door, Martin Luther style:

Yeah, I got no idea what that says. We managed to break back in to the office through our secret underground fighting arena, but we still are locked out of making any changes to the site or to the blog. Not sure what's going on, and we're examining our legal options. I'll keep you updated as we know more.

UPDATE: As you may have guessed, this was part of our April Fool's silliness yesterday. Go check out the rest of the story here:

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