Saturday, April 4, 2015

First Trailer for SyFy's Badass Bounty Hunter Series Killjoys

The Syfy channel, after so many years of floundering, may finally be on the verge of turning things around. We've seen our first look at The Expanse, their adaptation of the James S. A. Corey novels, and now we get a look at some lighter fare: the Space Bounty Hunter series Killjoys.

Created by the producing team behind Orphan Black, and the creator of Lost Girl, and starring Hannah John-Kamen (Dark Souls 2), Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13) and Luke McFarlane (Brothers and Sisters), the series follows the Killjoys, a group of bounty hunters tracking wanted men and women through "The Quad." Check out the trailer after the jump:

The show looks like it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good to see once in a while on our science fiction. With the cast and crew, it should be a smart and snappy show, and the effects look fantastic. Killjoys premieres June 19th for a ten episode run.

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