Monday, April 6, 2015

Square Enix is running a secret reveal on Twitch RIGHT NOW

Square Enix is running an ARG on Twitch right this minute. It's live below the jump. Supposedly, there will be a giant reveal at the end of the countdown, and users on Twitch are currently racking their brains trying to figure out what's going on.

It looks like players can vote to change cameras every few hours, which means this game is going to last for a long time.

We'll keep you updated during the day, hit the jump to join in the fun.

UPDATE: The first clue seems to have dropped, leading to this instagram video.

UPDATE 2: Chris Farmer, friend of the podcast, gave us a little update on what we missed this morning.

So they started at 9:55, and then he was strapped to a chair like a dentists/torture chair and some russian dudes came in and gave him the business. And there was some Russian sounding guy on a loud speaker, and he asked him some questions, and the dude was like, begging to be let go. I only caught that he was asked if he liked classical or folk music, and the twitch audience had to vote. They played a little folk music and then dropped his ass on the floor .

UPDATE 3: At about 10:55, the man got up and started moving around. He's looking at the cameras, and has discovered that the walls are electrified. So far, we know he's French, and that holding him this way is illegal.

UPDATE 4: The man has collapsed again.

UPDATE 5: The prisoner saw a brief still from the instagram video on his two-way mirror, and didn't care. Then they started playing classical music, and he HATED that.

UPDATE 6: The next piece of the puzzle has been uncovered. Check it out here.

Watch live video from CantKillProgress on

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