Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Day Three:

Saturday of Star Wars Celebration was an incredible experience, but it was also the most crowded - while days Zero, One and Two  felt a little smaller and more intimate, Day Three was the full-on Comic-con experience. Lines were doubled in length, crowds were everywhere...and it was maybe the most fun we've had at the con all week. Check out our X-wing Experience, the newest news on Clone Wars, and panels with James Arnold Taylor and Mark Hamill!

The X-wing Experience

 While some folks were waiting three and a half hours in line to watch the gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, we headed straight to their next door neighbor - an incredible experience that EA provided known as The X-wing Experience. After a few hours in line, we got to strap ourselves into an X-wing Pilot costume, climb into the cockpit of the Incom-made Fighter, and insert ourselves into the Battlefront Trailer. The results looked like this:

It was an utterly incredible five to ten second experience, and the results are utterly amazing. Thank you, EA. (That's not something I say often.)

Star Wars Rebels Season 2

The first trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 2, and the first two episodes of the season, were debuted yesterday. After blowing our minds with Clone Wars episodes yesterday, today Dave Filoni decided to give us...more Clone Wars! Captain Rex returns! Hondo returns! And Darth Vader menaces every member of the team, leading to an epic showdown with Ezra and Kanan. Our correspondent didn't give us many details on the season premiere episodes, but he described them as "jaw dropping." You can check out the first trailer here:

Mark Hamill and James Arnold Taylor

(Our camera was on the fritz, so this is an image from a previous year.)

 Our evening of panels began with a one man show from James Arnold Taylor called Talking to Myself. In it, Taylor talks about his own life experiences through the lens of a voice actor, performing over 200 voices on stage, sometimes in incredibly rapid succession. It's an incredibly fun experience, and worth it if you ever get the chance to see him do it live. James is, as my friend described him, adorable, running around the stage with an earnest-ness that's absolutely contagious.

After Taylor, Mark Hamill took the stage to a thunderous ovation. In an interview with Taylor, Hamill revealed a lot of fun stories about the past - for example, when he was working with Yoda on The Empire Strikes Back, Mark had a radio earpiece so that he could hear Frank Oz's dialogue. If he was ever blocked to walk too far away from the puppet, the earpiece would start picking up a local Top 40 radio station instead, leaving him listening to the Rolling Stones instead of Yoda. Mark said he got used to just watching Yoda's mouth, and saying his lines when it stopped moving. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell us a damn thing about The Force Awakens - except that the dialogue in the new teaser trailer is something he recorded recently, just for the trailer. In fact, JJ Abrams didn't even use his newly-recorded dialogue, simply cutting in the original dialogue from Return of the Jedi. (So end your speculation now on whether "My father has it," means Vader is alive.)

 Club Cosplay

We ended the night heading down to Downtown Disney for a visit to Club Cosplay, a traveling Nerd-Safe party that took over the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. The event brings together tons of nerds and tons of great cosplay (check out the amazing Wheeljack in the picture above) for a party that's designed to buck the trends of club culture and create an accepting and loving environment where Nerds can feel like they belong. It's a fantastic idea, and it mostly worked - there were a couple of more typically club-like incidents, such as someone passing out cold in the middle of the second floor dance area. The acts we say, including a Blues Brothers tribute and a lightsaber battle, were a lot of fun to watch, and the crowd was full of friendly, cosplaying faces. I definitely would go back at another con.

Mike Fatum is the Editor in Chief and one of the Podcast Co-hosts of the Ace of Geeks. He loves Star Wars so god damn much.

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