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iZombie Episode 6: Virtual Reality Bites

Hey everybody - sorry I'm late, but life the universe and everything happened, and I wasn't able to watch this on the night of the actual broadcast. I did pick up a few spoilers along the way before I did get to watch it, and they only made me want to see it even more. Now that I've finally watched it, I can say this: Holy shit! Oh - and, uh... ew?

With each episode, we are getting less of the vision-y type stuff and more deductive logic being used to solve the cases. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, though. I mean, a big part of the series premise is the whole "eat a brain, see what happened" thing. The characters are becoming much more cohesive as a team, and that's definitely a good thing. Each of the characters' skills contributes to a well-balanced group.

I'd really love to see Payton play a bigger part. I love Aly Michalka in this role. Sure, her character isn't absolutely necessary to the crime-solving part, but an attorney tends to look at the evidence in ways that a cop or medical examiner might not. That could provide some interesting flavor to the whole "whodunnit" angle. Besides - I'm getting attached to all of these characters, and it's not difficult for me to see them as real people that I would want to hang out with - hell, who am I kidding? I'm actually starting to wish I could be part of that team because they just have too damn much fun!

I can't help but wonder if Major is just bluffing about being able to move on. I think he still has it for Liv and he's just trying not to pressure her. Liv is clearly trying to move on with Lowell, but will she be able to? I hope we're not going to see her running back and forth from Major to someone else and then back again. Some things make for good drama, yes. But I don't think that would be one of those things.

I'd also like to see Major play a bigger role with the team, as well - and not just as the rejected love interest. As a social worker, there is so much potential to expand on the character. He could also transition into being a victim/witness advocate, or he could become a private investigator specializing in missing persons/cold cases. Hell, send his ass to the Police Academy and have him be Clive's new partner. Robert Buckley wears this role well, and the character seems well-suited to become more than just a recurring one.

Each episode has been better than the last, and there's so much potential for this to have a nice long run - as long as the character development keeps going the way it has been, the possibilities for good storytelling are endless, and y'all know how I love a good story!

What do you think will happen - will Evan actually get a job at the Meat Cute? Do you ship Ravioli, Livwell, or Limaj? How about the possibilities for Bliv? Any thoughts on the bromance ship Rajor? Hit the jump for the recap, and tell us how you ship in the comments!

We open with Major on the table in the morgue. Ravi is stitching him up and telling him how lucky he is that he's not dead. "Although if you were, this would come much more naturally to me," quips Ravi as he tugs on a thread."You know what youu're doing, right?" asks Major doubtfully. "Theoretically, sure. But have you considered a trip to the ER?" "I'm a social worker," points out Major.

Liv comes in, and is shocked to see Major there. She tells Ravi he's doing it wrong - the stitches should be closer together. "Unless you're going for the Frankenstein look." "The man's too good-looking. I'm giving him character," says Ravi. Liv looks annoyed. "Should I just take over?" Ravi is relieved. "Please, God - yes!"

"How did this happen?" asks Liv as she starts to stitch Major up. "He got into a fight," says Ravi. "I went looking for Jerome," Major adds. "And found the Candyman," Ravi says, waving his hands for emphasis. Major reminds Liv that Jerome told them about the guy at the skate park who was handing out Utopium and inviting kids back to his van.

 "He's a real person, this Candyman?" Liv asks. "He was wearing Jerome's hightops," says Major. Liv asks how he knew they were Jerome's. "They're cool shoes, but they're not one of a kind," she says. "They were Jerome's," says Major. "So our friend here went full vigilante - Batman versus the Candyman. Point - Candyman," says Ravi.

Major is sure that the Candyman knows something about Jerome's disappearance. He and Liv go back and forth about safety and how he could have been killed. Major changes the subject, telling Ravi that Liv met a guy. "Liv tell you about the guy she met at the wake? Musician type. If I hadn't stumbled in and totally rocker-blocked this dude - OW!" "That's quite an imagination you have," says Liv as she tugs hard on the suture.

Ravi gets a phone call. Excited, he tells Liv, "new customer! 300-pounder dropped dead on his stairs! Our services are required." "Just a sec," she she finishes stitching. "I don't want it to pop." "That's okay," says Major. "Chicks dig scars."

Over at Jackie's, she gets a meal delivery. Tearing through the contents of the delivery bag, She doesn't find what she's looking for. "Where's the Gulai Otak?" she asks, freaking out. The delivery boy says it should be there, but Jackie insists that it's not. He says he can be back in 20 minutes with it. "I don't think I can wait that long," she says  She grabs him and slams him up on a coat hook, then starts going into zombie mode. She hungrily watches him twitch as he dies.

At the crime scene, Clive is having issues dealing with the smell of decomposition. "Whoo... that is straight up nasty!" "I believe the the professional term is... yeecchh," says Ravi. He offers Clive a camphor stick. "It'll help with the stench." Clive accepts it gratefully, and attempts to continue telling Ravi and Liv about the deceased. "Our vic is Simon Cutler, 32 years old - damn, this is the ripest dude I've smelled!" exclaims Clive as he is overcome by the stench again. "His skin reminds me of a grape that was left out in the sun too long and split open," says Ravi. "You just ruined grapes for me," comments Clive as he continues telling them about the dead man.

"Our guy here was a total shut-in, no one's seen him in years - a regular Willie Wonka. He received all necessities through the dog hatch on the front door. Apparently, there was a pile up of unopened deliveries spilling outside the door, so a neighbor called the police - " Clive begins to gag, and asks Ravi for the camphor stick again. "So no one's been in or out?" asks Liv. "No, which will make figuring out what killed him easy. How long has he been dead?" Ravi says, "Based on the purple hue of the skin, I'd say somewhere between putrefaction and black putrefaction - you see how swollen his tongue is?" "I'll take your word for it," chokes Clive. "A week, maybe two," says Ravi.

Liv notices the computer monitor array. "Judging by his computer set-up. he could have been directing air traffic from in here." She also points out that the carpet is sticky. "Nice shag. He's probably been down here since 1974." Clive notices the moldy fried food mess all around, and comments that he must have spilled his drink when he collapsed.

Clive assumes that the guy had a heart attack. Ravi agrees that it would be a fair assumption, but since the guy was in his early thirties and hasn't been to a hospital lately, "an autopsy is de rigueur." Clive looks at him expectantly."It's required," Ravi explains. "You know, my French tutor Mademoiselle Perrier is going to be so disappointed I blinked on that one," snarks Clive. Looking around at the floor, Clive notices confetti everywhere. Then he sees the birthday card laying there. "Well, it was a memorable one," comments Liv.

As the body is being loaded into the ambulance, a crowd has gathered outside, asking questions. One man asks if the dead guy suffered. Another man is taking a selfie with the body being loaded in the background. "C'mon, man - show some respect," says Clive to the guy with the phone. "What the hell is wrong with these people?" asks Liv.

Blaine gets a call from Jackie. He is not happy. He reminds her that the nature of their sex life is him calling her and her resisting the urge to call him. Jackie tells him that she didn't get the delivery she was supposed to receive. Concerned, Blaine says that it should have been there hours ago.  She insists that it didn't get there. He says that he'll bring her something special himself. A look of nervousness crosses her face for a moment, and she deflects, saying "I just remembered - my doorbell's broken... " She tells him she just didn't want to be charged for something that she didn't receive, and that the guy probably did come by and she missed him. "I have a meeting, so I better boogie. I'll come by later and pick something up." She hangs up and Blaine suspects something is up.

Liv is conducting the autopsy on the dead guy. "Another piece of confetti in the eyeball," she ponders. "It's sad, don't you think?" Ravi says. "Hermit threw himself a little party... Yay.. happy birthday to me... handful of confetti in the air... Internal organs are liquefied." "Please say heart attack," begs Liv. "I don't wanna eat - nay, drink - rotten brains!" Ravi comments that there were no signs of a heart attack - "his arteries aren't blocked, no scar tissue around the heart - a heart attack seems unlikely. You know, almost anything if you deep fry it..."

Clive comes into the morgue, and asks if they have any more information on the guy. Ravi tells him that blood samples have been sent to the lab. "Decomposition is slowing us down." "Well, maybe I can speed things up," Clive says. He tells them that the dead guy was probably the most hated guy on the internet. "I just spent an hour going through all the death threats levied against this guy. We're almost certainly looking at murder." "Son of a bitch!" exclaims Liv. Ravi tries to conceal a smirk. "You've grown attached to this one, huh?" Clive remarks. "Man's inhumanity to man - do you ever really get used to it?" asks Liv, trying to cover her disappointment.

Clive tells them that apparently Simon Cutler was an internet troll and hacker known as the SIM Reaper. "There's already a website celebrating his demise." "Well - let's pull it up, shall we?" Ravi says with a grin as he goes to the computer. Liv asks if an internet troll is like a cyberbully. Ravi tells her that an internet troll who's a hacker is like a cyberbully with superpowers.

Ravi pulls up the webpage, and they find an audio file. The recording is of a customer service call that Simon made. He was going on a rant and threatening the customer service agent. "Fail me.. .and I will delete you like so much digital noise!" Liv sighs. "Why are all the good ones unavailable?" Clive tells them that forensics is looking at Simons laptop. "If you get any psychic sirrings, let me know," he says to Liv. "Don't worry," relies Ravi. "I'm sure she'll suck it up and help any way she can," he says as he gives Liv a cheerful slap on the back.

Liv has a brain shake. "I can't believe you actually drank that," says Ravi. "Simon Cutler's brains go down in history as the worst, by far," Liv replies, looking nauseated. "Frankly, I'm impressed that it went down at all!" says Ravi. Liv tells him that she has her first zombie date tonight and is worried that she might puke on him. Ravi suggests eating something, and Liv gives him a look. "Something else - like saltines, maybe," he suggests helpfully. 

Getting up from the couch, she notices the donuts on the table and asks where they came from. Ravi says he brought them in as a peace offering for the early crew. "I'd have offered you one, but you don't seem like a donut person." In a voiceover. Liv says "must... have... donuts! Great... I ate Homer Simpson's brain." She takes a bite out of the donut, and it triggers a vision. 

In her vision, Liv sees a donut and hears coughing as donut crumbs fly. She sees a staircase, then a bathroom medicine cabinet and an Epi Pen being used. As she comes out of the vision, she is choking and coughing. Ravi is concerned, and asks her if she's alright. "He was choking on a donut - he couldn't breathe, I think it was a food allergy," Liv tells him. "You think something in the donut caused anaphylaxis?" "He barely made it up the stairs and gave himself a shot of ephinephrine. That may be why he was found on those stairs! He was trying to get to an Epi pen and didn't make it." "Except that I didn't find any traces of food in his stomach," says Ravi. "Then what the hell killed him?!" Liv asks.

Major gets back to the shelter while a teen group session is going on. The counselor is trying to get one of the boys to open up about why he got kicked out of his house, but he doesn't want to say. The kids notice that Major is all beat up, and he dodges the questions from them. Instead, he redirects the focus back on them and asks the kid why he got kicked out. He says that his mother's significant other is being a tool so he trashed the house. The other counselor discreetly texts Major - "You can't come here looking like that. Sends the wrong message." One of the girls sees Major with the phone. "No phones during group. Privilege dropped," she says. Another kid point blank asks him if he was looking for Eddie and Jerome. When Major doesn't answer, the kid tells him, "that's just you surrendering control to your Messiah complex, dude. Reality check time? They're dead." 

Liv goes to see Clive. She tells him about her vision, and they discuss how a man with no food in his stomach could be killed by something he ate. Liv corrects him, saying that it was anaphylactic shock that killed him. She starts to get a bit woozy and anxious. They look at the birthday card again. "Happy birthday... and you're dead," says Liv sarcastically. Clive thinks a moment, then opens the file folder. "Simon Cutler's birthday isn't for another four months," he says. Liv looks at the card again, and realizes it's a confetti flinger. "My sorority used these to let pledges know they were accepted - Congrats! You're Mu Theta! Fwick!" she says, flicking her fingers. Clive takes the card from her, and sniffs it. "What does that smell like to you?" he asks, handing it back. Liv sniffs it. "Peanuts!" "The confetti flinger was a peanut powder delivery system," he says. "Congratulations, Detective! You just found the murder weapon," Liv says with a smile. 

Date night arrives, and Liv is nervous. She never thought about being with anyone but Major - when they got engaged, she was sure that he was "The One." She was sure that she would be spending the rest of her life with him. She was sure about everything with him. Now, that's most likely never going to happen. Now she was on her way to meet Lowell. But as soon as she steps into the hall and locks her door, she has a massive anxiety attack. She quickly goes back in to her apartment, and calls Lowell to cancel the date. She gets his voicemail. "Sorry to do this to you on such short notice, but I am literally seconds away from puking right now and I'm calling you from the bathroom floor and... I'm such an idiot, I totally forgot that you're a zombie so I can just tell you - I had a bad batch of agoraphobe brain and I can't leave my apartment. Thanks for understanding."

Clive stops by the morgue to get info on another case - a headless body found by some hikers. Clive says that the fingerprints came back as belonging to Michael Dornan, a missing teen from the shelter. Ravi finds that interesting, considering that the contents of the kid's stomach contained Wagu beef and Italian truffles - "if somebody poured in a bottle of Bordeaux, it'd be my dream meal." Clive doesn't get it. Ravi explains that this street kid had about 500 dollars' worth of food in his stomach. "How does a down-and-out kid have access to that kind of food?" 

Clive asks if Liv had a look at the body yet. Ravi tells him that Liv is home sick. Clive says that he could use her help on the Cutler case - forensics couldn't get anything off the laptop, and he was hoping Liv could "get some woo woo..." Ravi tells Clive that he was planning on dropping by to see Liv, and offers to take the laptop to her.

At Liv's, she and Ravi are looking at the laptop. "What am I supposed to do with it?" she asks. "Well, Clive was hoping that maybe if you handled it, you could get something off it," Ravi explains. "Yeah, I know how he thinks my fake psychic powers work - but what about you? What's your end game? Are you expecting me to eat the hard drive?" She starts typing. 

"It's password protected. What am I supposed to... oh... kay, that was kinda creepy," she says as she instinctively keys in the password correctly. "Or, kind of amazing," says Ravi with an excited grin. "I got Simon's muscle memory... please don't let me be opening gross porn," Liv prays as she continues to browse the laptop's files.

A video game log-on page fills the screen. "Seriously - what are the chances an agoraphobe in his twenties was not a chronic chicken choker?" (Ok. One small problem here - Clive put Simon Cutler's age at 32 years old when they found him dead. At first I thought I mis-heard the line, but I replayed it several times and I did hear her correctly, she stated the wrong age here.)

"What the hell is Warlock Forest?" she asks. "Have you been living under a crag? Which is a large, jagged rock in Warlock forest," says Ravi. "It's an MMORPG - Massively Multi-player Role-Playing Game," says Ravi with more than a hint of "duh!" in his voice. "Oh... is that one of those games where grown men pretend to be warrior gnomes and quest after magical knickknacks?" "No, it's one of those games where hard-working professionals can relax whilst performing virtual heroic acts requiring creativity, tactical skill, and teamwork - while saving the Moss princess." 

Ravi tells her that people make loads of money to level up characters that can dominate in this game. Turning back to the laptop, Liv says "this is dorky ssshhhoot - wait, what did I just do?" She logged on to the game. "Oohh.. you're a trollock!" Ravi says in admiration. "I'm a Polish troll?" Ravi tells her wryly that a trollock is a troll with warlock abilities - "the second most powerful of all the halflings..." he says with attitude. 

He explains that these characters standing there are waiting for her. She can't believe that people spend their lives doing nothing but gaming. One of the characters speaks to her. "Master! You have returned!" "And who's this jackass?" she asks. "All hail SIM Reaper!" Ravi smirks. "He's talking to you." The player character continues. "Your mortal enemy Full Auto has claimed that he killed you for exterminating all of his soul brethren!" Ravi explains that SIM Reaper exterminating Full Auto's soul brethren could have cost a serious player several thousands of dollars.

"Full Auto shall send forth waves of minions, bent on your destruction! You must take back Tree Palace!" Ravi gets a little enthusiastic. "You have to respond! Everyone uses voice modulation, so no one will know you're a girl." "I'm not taking back Tree Palace!" Liv says vehemently. "You must!" exclaims Ravi. "Liv, if anything brought me to violence, it would be someone exterminating my soul brethren. You have to play to find this Full Auto guy - he could be our killer!"

"But I don't even know what I'm doing! Yet, I know that if I use my freezing rod on these fire witches, I can take out all seven at once... but I hate this kid of crap!" Ravi tells her he's going to go home to log in so he can help her from inside the game. "How will I know who you are?" Liv asks. "I'm a were-terrier with healing abilities called Arf Vader. This is going to be epic!" Ravi says as he leaves, doing a gleeful trot to the door.

At the shelter, Major hears Jerome's voice coming from another room. Thinking that Jerome is back, he hopefully goes into the other room, calling Jerome's name. One of the boys is in there, watching some videos of Jerome at the skate park that were uploaded before he disappeared. Major asks the kid how much footage there is. "Hundreds.. and only four that don't suck. Why you scanning the crowd? It's only winos, skanks and hobos..." Major tells the kid to keep going... 

At home, surrounded by junk food and  empty soda cans and pizza boxes, Liv is giving strategy commands to her team online in the game, planning to take back the Tree Palace and take down Full Auto. She makes sure that Ravi's toon is covered, since he only has enough resources for one boon. She promises horribly devastating consequences if the assigned protector fails. Her mother comes over with soup, and is disappointed that Liv is not living her life the way she would have liked, and while she's glad that Liv is interacting socially, she would have preferred that it were with people in the real world instead of online. She tells Liv that she's worried that Liv is letting life pass her by. "What did you say?" Liv asks, turning her attention to her mother momentarily. "Just... sit up straight, dear," says her mother. Sitting up, Liv thanks her mother for the soup. "This is important police business," she says, gesturing at the laptop and resuming her command as her mother leaves. 

Liv gets excited when they get into the palace and run into Full Auto. Ravi tells Liv he wants to use his boon to grant her immortality for five minutes to defeat this guy. Full Auto expresses disbelief that SIM Reaper is still alive. "I killed you!" Liv kills the voice modulator, and identifies herself. "I'm Liv Moore and I'm with the Seattle Police Department." "Say what?" "I need to ask you a few questions regarding the murder of Simon Cutler, also known as the Sim Reaper," "Seriously?!" Full Auto initiates an in-game video call to the laptop. Liv takes the call, and a 14-year old kid pops up on the screen. "Do I need a lawyer?" he asks. 

The kid asks her if she said the Seattle Police Department, and asks her if that's where the Reaper lives. "You didn't know?" asked Liv. The kid tells her there were a lot of theories, but nobody actually knew for sure. "So... he's really dead? And you think I had something to do with it?" "Well, you threatened him," Liv responds. "In a game! And even if I knew who he was, how would I get to Seattle? I live in New York!" says the kid. He pans his webcam to face the window. "That's the Empire State building, lady." 

Over a video chat session, Liv tells Ravi what she found out about Full Auto. Ravi is amazed that a 14-year-old kid had so many soul brethren. While they talk, the doorbell rings. Liv  goes to answer the door. It's Lowell. He hands her a bottle of anti-depressants. "I once ate a guy with PTSD," he explains. She invites him in. As she passes the computer, she tells Ravi she'll call him back. Liv and Lowell hang out and talk.  

Over at Major and Ravi's place, Major is still watching the skate park videos. He shows Ravi the videos, saying that he sees the same guy showing up in all the videos but there's not one good shot of the guy. He tells Ravi he's going over to Liv's. Ravi tries to be tactful, telling him that it's not a good idea. He tells major that he's popped a stitch and that he should let Ravi fix it. Major insists on going to Liv's, so Ravi tells Major Liv isn't alone. Major looks crestfallen. Ravi apologizes, and Major thanks him for telling him.

Back at Liv's, she and Lowell are telling each other how they got to be zombies. He says that it was the night of his friend's bachelor party. He got drunk and woke up in the town drunk tank with a scratch on his leg and doesn't know how he got it. He pays a mortician so he can get brains. Lowell wistfully says he longs for the days when all he had to explain to some drunk groupie was how he got the inspiration for his songs. 

Liv tells him that she's not the groupie type, but she would love to see one of his shows. He tells her he doesn't play publicly anymore - about a week after the bachelor party, he had a show. He said that when he got the pre-gig adrenalin rush and went out on stage, he started to go into zombie mode. So for everyone's safety he doesn't play shows anymore but he still does studio work.

Liv tells him how sorry she is for that, and how incredibly unfair and awful it is. Lowell tells her, "it's funny - I didn't think that I was the type of guy who needed people to feel bad for me. but you just said the exact words I've been wanting to hear." He goes in for a kiss, and Liv pulls back. She's not ready for that step yet, and Lowell understands. He apologizes, and Liv tells him she's not ready for that yet. He says that he knows she's not, and apologizes again.

Lowell notices the images on the laptop, and is a little surprised. Liv looks up, and there's an image of a donut shop with an "out of business" sign on it. She gets up to get a better look, and tells Lowell she's not blowing him off but it's a lead in the case she's working on. He says he understands, and heads for the door. Liv offers an apologetic "I'll call you." 

At the Meat Cute shop, Clive goes in to ask about a missing kid. Blaine hears the bell, and calls out that they're closed. Clive identifies himself to Blaine, and shows him a picture of the missing delivery boy. He asks if Blaine or anyone who works there has seen him. Blaine says he hasn't and that he's the only one in the shop right now, but asks Clive to leave the photo so he can show the staff in the morning. "Out of curiosity - what's he done?" asks Blaine. "He died," replies Clive. There's a noise in the back room, and Blain explains it away as an ice machine dropping a load. "Scares the hell outta me sometimes when I'm here alone," he tells Clive. He invites Clive to take a look around, saying "It is a meat shop after all, but I'm sure you've seen worse as a cop." Clive gets interrupted by a call from Liv, who says she has a lead on the case. Clive leaves the photo and contact number with Blaine and goes to follow up on Liv's lead.

Clive picks up the former owners of a donut shop that delivered donuts to Simon's house. They both tell Clive that they celebrated when they heard that he was dead. Simon put them out of business over his food allergy. He made threats online, and he harassed the owners of the shop. By the time the owners of the shop had traced the source of the peanut allergen to the canola oil they used, it was too late - Simon had already begun his war on their business. Within a year, they were harassed, rated poorly on customer reviews, and they went out of business. Clive tells them that if they wanted to kill Simon Cutler, they would know how to do it.

While Clive is out of the room, Liv goes on about how even though the couple had motive and means to do it, she doesn't think they killed Simon Cutler. Clive walks in at the end of her observation. "Were you saying something?" Liv sighs. "My gut says they're innocent." Liv mentions the consumer reviews, and Clive thinks a moment. "What did he say? He wasn't going to stop eating donuts completely." He leaves the room while Liv talks through it, and finds a file. He takes it with him as he goes to follow up another lead, leaving Liv on the laptop. "I'm taking my business elsewhere... Do you realize what that means? There are other donut shops that delivered to him. Clive? Are you there? Yeah. He probably realized what that means."

At Jackie's Blaine arrives. He rings the doorbell a few times while Jackie looks through the peephole. Hiding her nervousness, she answers the door. "I thought your doorbell was broken?" Blaine asks, holding a drill. Jackie tells him that there must be a short in the wire or something because it works sporadically. She plays it cool. going back to browsing her meeting notes with her back to Blaine. He asks her what she's working on. "One of my clients wants a report on Nesting... Is it over or is it transitioning to cocooning?" she says with a laugh. "Here's how my day at work went," Blaine says as he puts on safety glasses. "A cop came in, looking for my dead delivery boy." "Dead?" Jackie asks as Blaine grabs her by the throat. Jackie screams as Blaine starts the drill. "Oh Jackie... Nesting is so over," he says as he puts the drill bit into her eye.

Clive calls Liv from his car, parked across the street from a donut shop. He reminds her that there were several boxes from this particular donut shop at the crime scene in Cutler's basement. He tells Liv that the donut shop owner wouldn't give him a list of employees without a warrant. Liv confirms the location of the shop with Clive, then tells him she'll call him right back. She hacks into the donut shop's employee database, and starts researching. She breaks out the junk food, and looks at the database of names. When she opens a can of soda, it triggers a vision. In her vision from Simon's point of view, she saw the card being opened and the glitter going all over. She also heard music. She also saw the stairs again, and the doorway at the top of the stairs.

Liv walks into the precinct, obviously medicated. She finds Clive, and drags out a little drama before giving him a picture of the man that Liv determined to be the killer. She searched the database, and found out that his name is Shawn Posey - alluded to by the song Liv heard - "Ring Around the Rosey." She tells Clive that she was looking for birthdates, and while his isn't that date, his sister's is. Clive wants to know who the sister is. Liv tells him she's the customer service rep that Simon had threatened. When they bring him in, Shawn Posey confesses to killing Simon Cutler. He said he did it to avenge his sister, who had been driven to suicide by Simon's harassment and abusive behavior. Shawn says that Simon destroyed her life.When Clive tells him he will probably be in jail for the rest of his life, he says "it's worth it."

Liv is reminded of what her mother said about not letting life pass her by. She goes to meet Lowell outside the recording stufio,and they talk a little bit. Liv asks if they can pick up right where they left off. He says he's in no rush. She kisses him.

At Major and Ravi's house, Ravi is trash-talking the video game he's playing. Major is still looking at skate park videos. "Hey - look at this! I found a clear shot of the Candyman! Check your phone," he tells Ravi. Ravi looks at his phone, and a look of dread and recognition pass across his face. He goes to the morgue, where Liv is doing an autopsy on an old lady. He tells her that Major found the Candyman - and someone else. He shows her the picture. "So Blaine isn't robbing graves to feed himself..." "Apparently not," says Ravi. "All those missing kids! Major's kids!" exclaims Liv, worried.

Liv's mother is doing some shopping at the Meat Cute. She is totally enamored with their selection, and is happily chatting away with Blaine. She notices a sign on the counter. "You're hiring? My son needs a job. Is sixteen too young?" Blain slides a sheet of paper across the counter at her. "Why don't you have him fill out an application? We'll see what happens," he says with a wolfish smile as Liv's mother takes her groceries and the application and leaves.

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