Sunday, April 12, 2015

Geekly Roundup April 12th: Movies and Dicks Edition

Welcome back to the Geekly Roundup, your source of all the fun, interesting, and poignant news we’ve collected that didn’t make it into an article this week! We've got ancient remedies, dick pics, awesome new casting and more!

In today's round up, Lauren, Ben and Mark talk about Medieval remedies for modern, drug-resistant infections, as well as Marvel's tearful goodbye to DC as DC says goodbye to New York city. Then the group discusses recent controversies in Final Fantasy and the Hugo Awards. Check it out now!

 DC Sent Out a Tweet about Leaving New York...
   And Marvel responded beautifully. Always nice to see the love between the two biggest companies.

Square had to make a bit of a change to one of its characters...
It turns out that there is such a thing as "too sexy" in a JRPG. That is, as long as the character is a dude.

Ancient Remedies for MSRA...
An old medicine returns to the forefront and helps doctors in ways modern medicine couldn't? Sounds like a clickhole article, but it's not!

George R. R. Martin weighs in on the Hugo Controversy...
First of all, Martin still uses Livejournal. That's adorable. Second of all, this is a fascinating look at the "Sad Puppies" controversy, from the mind of one of the greatest living fantasy writers.

Did You Know Captain America was Deleted from the Avengers?
This is a really cool look at the special FX that goes into a blockbuster film like The Avengers - but not the giant explosions that we all know about, the little fixes that you'll never see.

And in other news...

Fighting Game Locations in Real Life!

Fight For the Glory of Rome!

Brent Spiner's Totally-Dead-Character Will be Back in Independence Day 2!

Tokyo's New Tourism Ambassador...Godzilla!

Furious 7's Director Might Tackle Aquaman!

Is The Dark Tower Adaptation FINALLY Moving Forward?

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