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Geekly Roundup, April 19th: All The Movies Edition

On this week’s Geekly Roundup, Mark, Lauren, and Jim tackle the possibility of a Sailor Moon video game, round up some of the latest news in movies including Wonder Woman and Star Wars, and discuss the animated insanity that is Ethan Nicolle’s masterful Axe Copcheck it out for yourself and pair it with the lovely selection of links below!

Bandai Namco could make a Sailor Moon video game

Reported by Gamespot, recent words from an executive at Bandai Namco suggest the possibility that the company could try and license the Sailor Moon IP for use in video game development, especially as the popularity of the franchise has risen again with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal. On the other hand, Theodore Jefferson — who was a part of the last several attempts to license Sailor Moon for video game development in the last decade and a half — doesn’t ever see it happening if Toei, holders of Sailor Moon’s license, aren’t ever willing to acknowledge their non-Japanese markets, as he writes in The Mary Sue.

Wonder Woman director exits; studio looking for replacement

The news that Michelle McLaren has departed Wonder Woman due to creative differences with the studio both is and is not surprising, given the character’s troubled relations with marketing executives that never seem to have quite the same grasp of the character that fans do. McLaren reportedly wanted a ‘300’ style action epic for Wonder Woman as an origin story, wile the studio has stubbornly insisted on a “character-driven” movie. On the other hand, there are now rumors that Angelina Jolie could be in the running for the directorial spot — or, if not WW’s, then perhaps at the helm of Captain Marvel.

Nick Offerman and Ethan Nicolle try to make some sense of Axe Cop

Based on an original webcomic made from the collaboration of artist Ethan Nicolle and his then-five-year-old brother Malachai, the often-disjointed but always-entertaining insanity of the Axe Cop animated series has been a hit, accented by the outstanding work of Axe Cop’s stellar voice actor, Nick Offerman. This great interview by Fanboy Nation gives us some insight into the process and the minds of Nicolle and Offerman — and, as a bonus, a story about Malachai from Executive Producer Hend Baghdady.

Daredevil fight scene actually done in one shot

That visceral fight scene from Netflix’s Daredevil? It really was done in one shot — and, as this article from IGN reveals, unlike many fights of its size or scope, this one was put together in only a few days largely on the hard work of the New York stunt community.

Lucasfilm responds to 7-year-old’s letter about Jedi marriages

In a touching response, Lucasfilm has answered the letter of a young fan who was upset that Jedi were not allowed to marry. Lucasfilm’s response is measured and brilliant, and very heartwarming as well.

Astronaut posts Star Trek tribute selfie during ISS supply drop

The ISS was resupplied by SpaceX’s Dragon rocket this week; though the news includes gems such as the custom espresso machine sent up to the ISS (of course being called an ISSpresso machine!), our favorite piece of news is actually a photo. Posted by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti of the ESA — a polyglot and the first Italian woman to go to space — the picture features Cristoforetti in a Voyager top with the familiar caption “There’s coffee in that nebula!”

Elsewhere around the Internet:

A new appreciation for cosplay: MegaCon 2015 Photo Gallery (Mario Giannini)

Astronaut’s daughter uses cars to write dad a message visible from space (Hyundai)

’Success kid’ helps crowdfund father’s kidney transplant (The Mary Sue)

Could human head transplants be coming within two years? (CNN)

There’s now a jet that looks like R2-D2 (Popular Mechanics)

Video of BB-8 live on stage at Star Wars Celebration 2015 (Entertainment Place/YouTube)

Lando lands a solo series at Marvel Comics (Newsarama)

Joss Whedon, Lionsgate hit with lawsuit for Cabin in the Woods (The Wrap)

Tenth Doctor coming to Disney XD (The Nerdist)

Leaked Sony emails: Doctor Who film within eight years (The Telegraph)

Leaked Sony emails: Desire to nab rights to Smash Bros. (Ars Technica)

Flash Gordon film eyes Matthew Vaughn as director (Comic Book Resources)

Neil Blomkamp wasn’t informed Chappie would be censored in Japan (Kotaku)

Scarlett Johannson confirms talks regarding Black Widow series (Newsarama)

Daredevil second-most pirated show the week after its launch (Entertainment Weekly)

A very different Justice League debuts in Justice League: Gods and Monsters trailer (Comic Book Resources)

David Hasselhoff’s new “True Survivor” video is the most 80s thing ever (Kung Fury/YouTube)

Gamers get their own area in Clarksville’s Rivers and Spires (Clarksville Now)

What’s next for D&D’s Fifth Edition? (Forbes)

Mash up three games all at once in PACAPONG! (The Nerdist)

Lawn Roombas are really pissing off astronomers (Wired)

Check back next weekend for another edition of the Geekly Roundup blog and podcast! And seriously, do yourself a favor and watch that David Hasselhoff video. Don’t say we never told you.

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