Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our Favorite April Fool's Jokes

The Ace of Geeks had their April Fools day fun when their offices were taken over by a Greek food truck, and we got a new mascot named Schmucky! Here's some of the other fun things we found on the internet:

Ryan Reynolds buried an actual, real announcement in his April Fool's prank video with Mario Lopez. It seems that Deadpool is actually going to be rated R! Here's the video:

According to Ace of geeks staffer Steph, Imgr had a randomizer thing going on yesterday where it would randomly match uploaded images, titles and captions. Some of the results are... just strange.See for yourself...

example 1:
example 2:
example 3:
example 4:

Modify Computer, Inc.
This watch design is basically.... a box. But they have their own commercial and everything!

Bulletproof Snake Oil
This magical cure-all has gotten even more all-powerful!

What Our Office Learned Working Naked For One Month (NSFW)
Um... The title says it all there. And I'd include pics but... yeah.

This one was really well done - am I the only one who wishes it was real?

Google usually has a whole lot of stuff all over the place on April Fools day, They're here. had a few articles that were pretty fun - here's a couple:

Beyonce Joins Marvel

Harry was a figment of Ron's Imagination

Then of course, there's this little bit of hilarity from somewhere on YouTube!

This Fast & Furious + Back to the Future crossover video had a few Back to the Future fans upset..,

In tech news, Microsoft made an announcement about a new OS:

Hawaiicon re-branded for the day as KanyeCon... they even did a twitter account... with tweets about panels and all kinds of things. Some of the tweets and  responses are hilarious!

And here's some more fun tech news about a new way to get your mail!

Exploratorium makes breakthrough in mail delivery!

A dating app for book lovers... or  lovers who are books... or... oh, just look!

Goodreads dating app Kindlr

Shoppers got a bit of a freak out when Amazon went retro.

And for those of you who need a bit of the hair of the dog...

Shot Clock

 Contibutions from Steph Cala, MalKontent Blizzard, Ben Fried-Lee, Mike and Jarys, and Sam Stafford. 

Raven Knighte believes in fairies, showers in pixie dust daily, and feeds clocks to crocodiles.

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