Thursday, April 9, 2015

Your Wallets are Doomed: Lego Enters the Skylanders Game

"Wait," you ask, "Is that a picture of Marty McFly running from Golem and the Wicked Witch in Oz?"

Yes, yes it is.

First, Skylanders lured you in. Then Nintendo and Disney gave you the bug. And now, LEGO has decided to put the final spike in your addiction, by building a Skylanders style game of their own. On September 27th, they'll unleash the starter pack, allowing you to take Gandalf, Wildstyle and Batman (with his trust Batmobile) through a portal into a story of an evil villain ripping holes in different LEGO universes. The only way to save them is to team up the heroes from franchises like Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, DC Comics, The Wizard of Oz and, we imagine, many many more in LEGO Dimensions.

The starter pack, pictured below, will cost $69.99. After that, they'll take the rest of your paycheck at, we imagine, $15 a figure.

The game is developed by TT Games, who've created all the incredible LEGO games of the past few years. This is exciting in itself - while the toys in Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and the Amiibo line have been cool, the games built around them don't have the kind of fun pedigree the LEGO games have.

The really cool thing about this is that it looks like many of the additional props, like the Batmobile and the portal itself, are actual LEGO toys you'll have to build. Here's hoping they find a way to incorporate giant playsets and other LEGO accessories. Hit the jump to see the reveal trailer, with a surprise guest.

Honestly, this looks really damn cool. Time to make more room on my shelf.

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