Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunday Wondercon Wrap-up

The Easter bunny was at large Sunday (April 5th) at Wondercon. Deadpool, Aurora, Spider-Man... nearly every flavor of character imaginable was sporting ears and a basket. I spent my day squeezing every last moment out of the exhibition floor, taking in all the amazing art, fantastic costumes and booths I missed Friday & Saturday.

My only must-see panel was the very entertaining Screen Junkies Honest Trailers panel. The audience was treated to special guest Jon Daley's epic movie voice along with a preview of next week's episode of Honest Trailers. I will give you a hint as to our sneak peak... it was a early 2000s movie connected to a major franchise. I was thoroughly entertained and cannot wait to see the final version when they post it next week.

After the panel I wandered some more, took several dozen more photos and bought some truly beautiful prints from Artists' Alley.

Overall, I would have to say Wondercon was a huge success. The adults that come to this convention feel loved. Press largely appear to move freely among the crowds. I got into every panel I tried for, including Orphan Black - which surprised me. Wondercon is... for lack of a better word wonderful. To the Anaheim Convention Center and CCI, thank you for hosting a fantastic show. This rocked! Wondercon, farewell & see you next year!

Rose Marie Fox lives in Los Angeles with her pet bunny/monster. Comic-con is her favorite holiday.

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