Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Deus Ex Game Announcement Leaked - Can't Kill Progress Stunt Ruined?

Monday, Square-Enix had been treating fans to an unusual ad experience, often called an ARG. ARG's, or augmented reality games, propose fictional pieces of media, communication, and puzzles which create a suspenseful narrative pushing toward an eventual resolution in the form of a final easter egg or reward. Square-Enix's ARG, called "Can't Kill Progress" featured a live feed on Twitch.com, depicting a man being held and psychologically manipulated. The feed gave forth at least one video puzzle, as we reported yesterday. It was rumored that this PR stunt was gearing up for an announcement of the new Deus Ex game. If that's true, then the stunt has been ruined.

Russian gaming news site, Konobo.RU, mistakenly posted a prepared article today announcing a new game for the Deus Ex line. We know that this game, called Mankind Divided, would feature Adam Jensen as protagonist, would invalidate any choices made at the end of "Human Revolution", will give Adam more information gathering and hacking abilities, will give Adam the ability to "shoot" his blade, and that it will be released for PC PS4 and XBox One,  Like in the original Deus Ex, Side missions will effect the total playthrough, Enemy AI will also be improved.

Whether this event says more about the game or about the media practices in game announcement, has yet to be determined. One thing is for certain; despite some details, our resident Deus Ex Fan (Jarys) is firing off the ol' forehead gun in excitement. 

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