Monday, April 13, 2015

Second Trailer for Ant Man Brings the Tiny, Tiny Pain

Marvel's next Big Gamble's second trailer hit the internet this morning. Ant Man, let's be honest, has never been a big player in the Marvel Universe. Despite all the major storylines Hank Pym has been a part of - helping found the Avengers, creating Ultron - he's always relegated to one side while Iron Man, Captain America and Thor get all the credit. Will this movie change all that, and make Ant Man into a star? That remains to be seen. The trailers have both been a bit concerning. Hit the jump to see the trailer and our analysis.

Both trailers for the film have been filled with an epic, swelling score, and really dramatic dialogue, but stop every few minutes to punctuate it with a wink at the audience, almost to say, "We can't believe this is becoming a movie either." It's a weird mish-mash of tone, one that still bears the fingerprints of Edgar Wright, who was the film's steward for so long. Wright could have pulled it off - he's done it in every one of his films - but I'm not so sure about the direction now that Peyton Reed is on board. Will this be Marvel's first misfire? Too soon to say. After all, the last time I was worried after seeing a Marvel trailer, it was Guardians of the Galaxy.

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