Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wondercon Friday Wrap-up

Wondercon, aka baby Comic-Con started this Friday (April 3rd). Here is your day 1 wrap up. 

I saw so much great DC and Disney cosplay today. Lots of Harleys and Elsas as usual, but also a few unexpected characters and combinations.

My first stop was to donate blood for the Red Cross. I was cosplaying today as Abaddon from supernatural so I felt a little extra dorky until I finished up and ate at the snack station next to a Booker Dewitt. 

The "Spotlight on Rick Remender" panel was inspiring in a punk rock kind of way. He spoke about the benefits of creator owned comics as well as his inspirations and personal demons. For instance "Low", a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi comic, published by Image, became a way for Remender to explore his own negativity and depressive state. The author also mentioned he has trouble being truly happy with anything he writes as he always feels at completion it could have been better if he'd worked on it one more week.

After the Remender panel I did some wandering, got lost, and then made my way through the vendor hall. The hall is actually two put together... Which lead to me getting lost again. Thankfully I ran into a Castiel Cosplayer who helped me find the right way out... Oh the irony.

The convention really does a great job with food. There are 6-8 food trucks just outside the convention center and several cuisine options inside the vendor hall. In addition, I saw a falafel stand, coffee shop and the usual snack carts. Wondercon has food covered way beyond comic-con's stinky armpit nachos and junk food.

I went to the Geek & Sundry panel, which advertised prizes. I won nothing, but found the panel enjoyable though it was mostly a promotion for their twitch channel, web shows and upcoming Tabletop Day.

I ended the day with a panel hosted by U.C.B. aka "The Upright Citizens Brigade", an improv troupe I have completely drunk the Kool-aid on. They performed a "Tournament of Nerds" in which 8 improvisers face off defending their favorite characters. First it was Jon Snow vs. Wolverine, then Harley Quinn vs. Rocket Raccoon. Other character highlights; The Black Lotus MtG card, Strongbad and George from Sienfield. The final battle was between the Avengers (yes, all of them) &  Jon Snow with Tony Stark predictably taking it all. It was the highlight of my day.

If you're at the con, I'll see you Saturday. If you're not, look for Saturday's wrap up here on Ace of Geeks!

Rose Marie Fox lives in Los Angeles with her pet bunny/monster. Comic-con is her favorite holiday.

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