Wednesday, April 8, 2015

EA Teases Battlefront in Epic Video

We already knew that DICE was developing the next game in the Star Wars Battlefront series, and we know that it's going to debut the new game in a week at Star Wars Celebration. Now, DICE has released a behind the scenes video showing the incredible amount of research and work they've done to get the feel of Star Wars right for this new game. They've gone to the Lucasfilm archives and studied the original props. They visited the actual filming locations for Hoth and Endor to recreate the feel of the worlds. And they show a brief selection of in-engine footage, to show you exactly what this new Battlefront is capable of. It's an incredible first look - take a peek after the jump.

“We at DICE have the opportunity of a lifetime to make the Star Wars game that, as fans, we’ve always dreamt of playing.”
Posted by EA Star Wars on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I was never the biggest Battlefront player before, but this looks like it might be something truly incredible. We'll have more for you live from Celebration, next week.

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